1. A

    Jet takes back all sacked employees

    Just saw it on NDTV. Jet Airways chairman Naresh Goyal has announced in a press conference that he is taking an emotional decision and is taking back all employees who had been given the pink slip. He says that he was abroad and that he did not know anything about this decision and that it had...
  2. C

    good universities in US for Masters !!!!!

    well guys I'm an average student looking for good universities for Masters in Computer science ,taking in account expenses ,accomodation & all ,any suggestions !!!!!!!
  3. thewisecrab

    Legal Questions...

    Well, I have recorded myself playing various Linkin Park, Maroon5 and other bands' songs on my keyboard and i have transfered them to the PC, What I was wondering is that would it be a legal offence if I upload these files on the net? I mean I'm not taking any credit for the original artists...
  4. raksrules

    Advertised Contrast Ratios in LCD TVs

    The advertised contrast ratio in the television commercials are dynamic AFAIK. How can we find what is the static contrast ratio (if there is any term by that name)? Also what is the appropriate value of the same because i feel that these companies are just taking the customer for a ride by...
  5. george101

    Best Camera Phone Within 20k!!!!

    hi guys am buying a new fone today and i am confused b/w N82 and SE K850i... am also considering Nokia 5610... i was using N73 til i sold it yesterday for 8k... my main consern is camera for taking photos which shud b atleast 3MP... so guys which one shud i go for... plz advice fast as i am...
  6. mak1012

    Is it virus???

    hey friends... I'm using Hathway. from yesterday if i'm not not using the net even though the modem shows me transferring of data(the lights blick) is any one taking my data??? without my permission....if yes then please suggest me what to do????right now i'm using Kaspersky AV.
  7. george101

    Why Downloading is NOT Stealing!!!

    Downloading is stealing…. How many times have we all heard that? This lovely phase was started by the honest people at the RIAA and affiliate organizations to make you feel guilty and treat downloading as a crime, plus as a bonus labeling you a criminal… copyright infringement is not a crime as...
  8. R

    Help On Hardisk

    I have sata 250gb seagate hardisk, and have vista installed. Now i want to install Xp. As I booted up with Xp installation Cd, It says There is no hardisk found on your system. But taking out the Xp installation cd my system boots up in to vista. Please help
  9. Raaabo

    Fast Track 2.0?

    Hey Everyone, We're just looking for some feedback about Fast Track, so apart from taking part in the poll, please leave comments as well. Raaabo
  10. FilledVoid

    New Reource of Linux Ebooks

    While I was checking my RSS subscriptions found a enw resource full of Ebooks. not sure if they are or are not legal or if they have already been posted here but it definitely might be worth taking a look. *www.linuxhaxor.net/2007/09/05/68-linux-related-free-e-books/...
  11. bikdel

    cheap Fall-Back Cellphone within 3 k ?

    guys i need a cellphone as a backup when i cannot take my n73me the features needed are 1. Colour screen 2. Good Battery life 3. Good signal reception 4. FM if possible? can you please recommend a cellphone within 3 k? i'll be taking it to quite remote regions and signal clarity as well as...
  12. Y

    taking screenshots???

    How do I take screenshots while I am installing windows or of any BSOD i may encounter? Is it possible?
  13. T

    prefer url for free online ccna tests

    hi everyone, anyone can prefer some good websites for taking ccna online examinations.i tried google search.but it give pathetic for me.so please give some good websites for taking online examinations.
  14. gurujee

    problem: slow start/restart and shutdown

    I have a P3,256ram,1.10ghz, XP sp2. I have formatted my pc recently, but now the start/restart and shutdown is taking ages. But before i had media centre but was not taking so many time....what's the prob ????:( and also my pc is getting hanged between 2-3hours, especially when browsing...
  15. R

    Linux taking up 30gb os space!

    i've recently installed ubuntu on my pc.normally i've read that it takes about a 15gb partition but after installation it has now created a 33gb partition.although i didn't configure the partition myself(i used the auto partition feature).plz help it's taking up +18gb which i want.
  16. sourav

    Help! Slow Shutdown

    Today I saw my computer taking a lot of time to get shutted down.before it was taking 2-3 minuter, but now it must above 6-8 minutes. i don't know why it is happening. to check it i installed and ran ccleaner and also spybot updated till september one given in digit. i really need help...
  17. J

    No sound for HP dx7600 Help Please.........

    Dear friends, I Have reinstalled my PC (HP dx7600) after reinstallation and installation of drivers sound is not taking. Only sound rest every thing is taking it is showing a yellow mark in the device manager as PCI devices Please help me what to do Hope somebody will help me with thanks jc
  18. M

    pc taking long time to shut down

    my pc is taking a considerably long time to save its setting and then to shut down:mad: .sometimes it becomes very irritating to wait for as long as 10-20 min.help me solve the problem.
  19. V


    hi guys i m taking bsnl 900 ul plan but i want to have my own modem so guys plz tell me which modem i should buy.
  20. M

    Problem taking screenshots in Vista

    Hi Guys I have Windows Vista Ultimate installed on my system . I tried taking screenshots of games using the latest version Fraps but it did not work. I downloaded another program called "Free Ejoyshot" and it also didnt work . I dont get any error but no screenshots are being taken . Do...
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