1. shreyadr

    posting directly thru email ?

    is it possible to post message or image directly thru email in any phpbb forum. i know it can be linked to any online image but i want this special feature as uploading is taking too much time and many times my system hangs up.
  2. R

    Linux Asia 2006

    I visied Linux Asia2006 recently and found the following things that may be called strange: Competitors are not meant to be hated, u jus need to outdo them thwe why ppl said "xcus me","sorry" ec while taking name of ms. still many dont accept hat many concept of freindly os are actually...
  3. M

    help me,,pc taking 10 min to shut down ?

    10 days ago i formatted my pc i have sify broadband ,after passing some days now pc taking 15 min to shut down or some time i have to press main switch of cpu to made to off suggest me some tips and tricks or tweaks so it will be faster expecting help of experts regards manoj
  4. S

    How MUch DOWNLOADING taking place?? urgent...

    CAN anyone tell me during chatting and also during voice chatting how much downloading and uploading is taking place... (approx)... IS there any free software with which i can find how much downloading and uploading as been done???? [/i][/b]
  5. R

    Graphics Prob

    Got a HCL machine which used to take the VGA automatically whenever i formatted and reinstalled the windows2000 professional.Now its not taking the VGA.I also don't have the motherboard driver CD.Plz help.
  6. expertno.1

    No Scandisk Taking Place

    if i directly turn off the computer and boot it again then the scandisk doesn't takes place why is this so about three to four times it happened yesterday that my ups went wrong and my comp was directly turned off but the scandisk is not taking place n startup * i have not tweaked my...
  7. R

    k750i or s700i

    my choice is these two phones.Of the two which is better taking in to consideration the overall picture?
  8. Desmond

    Do you follow the ESRB rating strictly???

    Hi guys, I'm sick of this ESRB rating on games (E,T,M,blah,blah). Do you follow it strictly while playing? I don't. I completed Half Life (1), without taking a second look at the ESRB rating (M). Happy Fraggin!
  9. K


    I do not how to edit the text on the Notepad as i do on Word. Moreover, some of the matters at the right side of the Margin,in the Notepad, is left out during taking print. Then how to correct it without any ommission?
  10. D

    help me taking exam on MCSE

    dear friends, currently i am doing BCA from DAVV_indore and i am interested in taking test of MCSE on windows-xp, is that will be useful to me, :?: tell me if it has some value, plz share your views with me in this regard, and also i am giving GRE-test in 2006 end after completing my...
  11. Raaabo

    Share your Tweaking Tips here

    Let's see how you guys out there tweak your hardware / software to get the max out of your systems... Anything goes, from overclocking to even taking the babies way out and installing TweakXP... Let us know about it...
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