1. N

    Please help fast Computer hard disk taking extra space though size is less

    Hi, My hard drive (Drive C-Administrator) is taking extra space almost 9GB.I have checked all the files in drive C and aded all up and I got 21GB.But computer is showing that I am using 30 GB.My total Hard disk space on C is 45Gb.I have defraged my drive and optimized it but still no good.It is...
  2. tejjammy

    Suggestions for buying a tripod

    Hi guys, I want to buy a tripod for my Lumix FZ7. I'll be upgrading to a DSLR in the near future. Please suggest me some good tripods which cost upto 2.5k. My purpose is for landscapes, long exposure shots, and taking pics to create panaromas. I'm no expert but have found that some have 2 or 3...
  3. anoopjb

    laptop below 45k suited for linux

    1) What is your budget? round 45k 2) What size notebook would you prefer? 15" or 14".. tat doesn't matter 3) Which country will you buying this notebook? from INDIA ..more specifically kochi (kerala) 5) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook...
  4. R

    Motherboard hangs on 5A

    I have a Intel 915 motherboard which was running OK before formatting.Now it hangs on the Intel logo with 5A written in the right hand corner and taking about 3-5 mnts to get into Windows.Help.
  5. A

    CPU not working

    Hello guys.Two days ago I was working on my PC.It suddenly shut itself down as if power supply was cut off.After that I am unable to turn it on. The Turning on switch on my CPU doesn't respond now.I'm sure it is supplied with sufficient power and my keyboard and external hard disk light is on...
  6. Patriot

    Too many SVCHOST.EXE running in process list...

    atleast 10 in my case, And they're consuming quiet a lot of memory and thus slowing down PC performance, what are these files and why r they taking up so much memory..? Plz help...
  7. K

    Best To Wait For 3D TV?

    Hi I'm looking to buy a new TV, but i'm not sure whether to wait and see what new 3D TV's come out this year. Are there any releases I should hold out for or is it worth taking the plunge and buying an existing 3d tv thats on the market right now? Thanks in advance!
  8. vamsi_krishna

    Prototype 2 Announced.

    The sequel to Activision and Radical Entertainment's 2009's open-world adventure has been announced in VGAs. Set for release in 2012 for unspecified platforms, the game will concern Sgt. James Heller, an ex-soldier tasked with taking down the protagonist of the original game, Alex Mercer. No...
  9. P

    LCD monitor under 9k!!!!!!!

    hiiiiiiiii guyzz!!!!!!! plz suggest me 19 inch LCD monitor under 9k...... i will b taking it in a 1 month time!!!!!!!!!!
  10. azzu

    Concept Camera Tells You How Much You Suck At Taking Pictures

    Concept Camera Tells You How Much You Suck At Taking Pictures Just because you have a snazzy DSLR doesn't mean you're the next Ansel Adams. This concept camera will give you an "aesthetic rating" after you snap a shot that will kill (or I guess, also make) your amateur photographer ego...
  11. sanads

    Please suggest cor2duo processor and motherboard & ram at 10k

    Hello friends I am sanjib I have bit of problem with heating problem of my old amd x2 4800+ processor after 1 and half hour it gets shutdown immidiately. so I am thinking to taking a new core2duo processor with motherboard and Ram. I had a zion 1gb ram 533 if it get work with new motherboard or...
  12. soumya

    Apple ad bombing Windows 7 on Google

    If there is one thing you can say for the Apple marketing department it is that they love nothing better than taking subtle swipes at Microsoft. While their television and web ads have been doing this for some time much to the glee and satisfaction of Apple fans around the world it seems that...
  13. M

    file downloading query

    I am looking to download files from various sites and I have found one site where I can able to download tutorial and videos but the problem is that I my internet connection is not very high speed and the file which I get is the link of hotfile.com which I can't able to download while taking few...
  14. din

    Seminar for teachers - Topic - Misuse of new technlogies - Please suggest points

    As the title says, planning a seminar, the audience will be school teachers. The idea is to make them aware of the misuse of new technologies. When they know more about this, they will be able to educate students on the ethical use of modern technologies - at least that is what I think...
  15. Tech$oft

    Taking a new pc , Here my config, Wht wuld be cost??

    Hey all of u, i am taking a new pc , My config as such Quad core 6600 Gigabyte motherboard dnt knw model no suggest plz 2x2 gb 800 mhz ram 21 inch lcd samsung widescreen 500 gb seagate hard disk graphic till 6-7k in ATI Till hw much the cost wuld go nd plz suggest if required anything , bugdet...
  16. Q

    CPU Overheating

    My CPU was overheating and then i took it to a vendor who repairs it without changing any of the hardwares (as far as i know as i was not charged) ... And now the same thing happens (Overheating again) .. So the answer i am looking for is "What the vendor had done to repair it the first time i...
  17. ajayritik

    Please suggest me a printer for DTP purpose

    One of my friends is planning to buy a printer. He has small cyber cafe where he needs printer to take prints for his customers. Can anybody tell me what type of printer he should opt for? I'm really not aware of the types of printer and their prices. Please give me just an idea I will try to...
  18. A

    5 MP Camera mobile :Which one to choose?

    GUYS,I am considering a multimedia phone and i have these models in my mind 1.Motorola Motozine ZN5 2.Samsung SGH G800 3.Sony Ericsson K850i 4.Nokia N82 (Does it support 8 GB memory card? If yes,then which category>i mean MMC,SD... ) 5.LG Viewty KU990 As you see,all these are phones with 5...
  19. M

    Any One using BSNL Home 500 C or 500 C+ Plan??? - Help Needed

    Hey me from Bhopal, going to kill these Airtel guys shortly. I am thinking of switching from Airtel to BSNL. If anyone right here is using Home 500 C or 500 C+ Plan than please answer the queries: 1. What is the Minimum as well as Maximum Download Speed you get at night from 2 A.M. to 8 A.M? I...
  20. Kalyan

    PC not responding. Need help..

    Hi, my pc has slowed down and giving me errors now and then. My Sony DVD RW does not read dual layer disks and cds properly. I have a 400W stock PSU. and my configuration is in the sig. Is the power supply the culprit? Do I need to upgrade the PSU or can I run the setup with it? Recently reading...
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