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Jet takes back all sacked employees

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Just saw it on NDTV. Jet Airways chairman Naresh Goyal has announced in a press conference that he is taking an emotional decision and is taking back all employees who had been given the pink slip. He says that he was abroad and that he did not know anything about this decision and that it had been taken by the management only. He has asked all employees to report to work tomorrow. He has also apologised to all the affected employees for having caused such emotional distress and trauma. He has said that he will sit with the management and discuss other cost cutting measures tomorrow. He has specifically mentioned that he has taken this decision emotionally and not under any political pressure. He has also claimed that he could not sleep yesterday after seeing the sad face of his employees. He has given the example of how he had struggled in life initially and mentioned that he understood their agony.


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^^^ Less cabin crew, maybe??!! :D Plastic utensils, thinner cushions, No mags, less food... the possibilities are numerous!!!


cost cutting can be done in several ways.
if it is a mumbai - pune or mumbai - ahmedabad flight they will use the expressway instead of taking off. that will be cheaper.
if it is a hopping flight e.g mum- nagpur -kolkata they will air-drop the nagpur passengers. thus they will save fuel reqd for landing n taking off and also airport charges.
and can u think of more??
if yes plz post.


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^^hahaha..but its gud they have taken back the employees...most of them had taken a homeloan and had an emotional breakdown...i dont know what they will do for cost cutting ..maybe they shud put water in place of ATF :D

PS : u will be ripped apart hearing a fresher pilot's salary ...
its 80000/- per month in hand :eek:: :eek:: :eek::


ok ... do u also know that it takes arnd 20 lacs to get a CPL and much much more to get a ATPL.
they also run the risk of being grounded at the slightest medical problem and may even be asked to leave without notice without pay.
hence the salary :)
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