Locking Up a Drive

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hey guys help me.
i've very imp. datas- games, game mods, s/w Install files... on F: drive,

i want to safegaurd me PC (partition) from getting affected by Virus/spyware...
i cant make back-up (~20GB of files)

i'm goin to chennai, so my PC will be helpless here.
when i'm gone my bro's frnd are coming over, they're all kinda use the net for ONLY porn purpose :x :x:x or Yahoo chat:D, & they're Illiterates (not my bro):D when it comes to Virus/trojans. add UL900 broadband to it, & i'll have a ZOMBIE PC when i come back.:D:D:D

O.S. i'm using-
=>Vista beta2 (no AV work, as its a beta)

currentlyusin web for just thinkdigit, rediffmail, google. tats all:(

as far as OS drive (17.5GB) i'm not worried about it, as i'll be formatting it for XP SP2:D

me main concern is F: Drive (25GB).

so suggest me a s/w or hack which'll be easy to use & it should not be a problm to unlock that drive when i format C: drive.


no , its ok if they visit tat kinda site:D, i'm more on moral side:D:D:D, let them hav fun:D, but not with that Drive.:twisted::D


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lock the drive , aye ?????

why don't just got to computer management and remove the drive ???
or simply deny all rights to the drive via security tab ???


its BETA dude, i dont wanna take any risk with it.

u know, when i resume the PC from Sleep mode, the AUDIO dont work:x, e.g. in Media Player11, it happens every time:D


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vista beta has nothing to do with it if u have that drive with NTFS system and u r the admin than u can deny permission to nyone for any file/folder/drive. only admin can alter that permission.

and if u don't have NTFS file system in that drive and u don't want to convert it to one either then just follow: control panel >> admin tools >> comp. mgt. >> disk mgt. >> rt clk the drive >> change drive letter n path >> remove the drive letter or any other mount pt. the drive is now inaccessible to this OS.

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The trick will do the job coz after using the trick, the drive will be inaccessible. So no virus problem! ;)


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Why dont you create a New User Account for them, and Block that Accounts access to this drive using the Security settings.

Its there in XP, so its bound to be there in Vista, Hoping it is a NTFS drive.


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Why Don't you use Folder lock and Lock down the whole drive?
It would be the best option in my opinion?


I suggest you to lock the drive with a third party tool making it totally inaccesible. Even if the system is infected with malware, still it can't get into the locked drive. You are absolutely safe.

:arrow: Download: Easy Drive Lock (rar) from sunXvogy Studio

Size: 166KB | Date: Jan 2007 | System Requirements: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista | License:10-use trial

More Info: Click here
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You can hide any of drive(s) by just adding two keys in windows registry

goto start>run

Type regedit and press enter. This will bring you to the registry editor.To hide any drive you have to follow these 2 steps

STEP1: Hidding Drive
goto HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Policies\Explorer now create a new DWORD value NoDrives and set its value as

2^(Alpha Number of Drive Letter-1)
where Alpha number are simple counting of alphabets from A to Z as 1 - 26

for example: to hide C drive
Alpha number of C is 3 so 2^(3-1) = 4 (decimal value)

If you want to hide more than one drive than calculate the value of each drive as explained and then set sum of those numbers as value

Step2: Prevent Access to the drive
Now as we have make our drive invisbble but it is still accesible so to lock the drive we will create another DWORD value at

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Policies\Explorer
create a new DWORD value NoViewOnDrive and set its value same as you have calculated for hidding the drive(s)

Now your drive is locked. If you want to unlock and unhidden the drive then just delete these two keys and your drive is again accessible. You can also create two .reg files one for hidding and locking and another one for unlocking and unhidding

Lucky_star said:
Why Don't you use Folder lock and Lock down the whole drive?
It would be the best option in my opinion?

Buddy folder lock can be broken by kids.My bro told me how to do it last year.
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