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Could u plz tell me "HOW TO HIDE A FOLDER"? dont tell me the trick using "ALT+<code>" thats prety much old. tell me the one which doesnt use a third party s/w.


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What are you talking about??

You want to hide a folder or the name of the folder?

ALT + Code is for getting a blank name to the folder or file.

If you want to hide, then just go to properties and check "Hidden".
Dont give the privileges of "folder options"

That will do the trick.

Otherwise use some third party software.


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If u just wanna hide a folder than simply right click the folder and select hide and just navigate to Tools->Folder Options and click pn "View" TAb where you can select "Don not show hidden files and folders"

If u want something else please specify.

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Hide The Data In Cab File.

Here's the full trick:

I accidentally found this tactic…….. When I was doing something else…………..
This trick will give extra protection to your files and folders……..
1. First of all make a New Compressed (zipped) Folder from file>new> Compressed (zipped) Folder.
2. Add all the files u want....in that folder.
3. Add a password to protect it (Optional)
4. Rename the folder's extension…from *.ZIP to *. CAB

Now open the folder/cab file……
U wont be able to see any file or folder!!!!……….


This method will be really silly But its still works

Type this in notepad and save the file as

In which ever folder U keep this file, it will use the hidden ICON so its not visble

See the quote I know its blank! BUT there is a character in between the inverted comas -copy that characted and rename the hidden folder with this charachter

For extra secrity U can hide the folder using propertied TAB


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Hi its a long time that i didnt check this thread, but thanx for all of u and ur suggestions.

Now, i want to hide a folder which is not visible to any1 even by using folder option. hiding the folder by going into properties doesnt serve in good way. since it is still visible. not by changing the icon of the folder into invisible one. Actually one of my relatives hide a folder which is only visible by typing its name in address area along with its path OR if u know where that folder is , goto to that folder (in which hidden folder is) and simply type that folder's name and then it's visible. and one more thing he didnt use ne 3rd party s/w.

so if ne1 knows this thing plz tell me.


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Your relative is using the default good old 'hide' attribute allready described by many people here.
3rd party tools encrypt the data so you wont be able to type in the folders address in address bar and view the folder.


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instead of 3rd party tools .......

try whot @Shasanka_Gogoi `s method ...... the WINDOWS default 1 .........
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