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1)Registry File compare
Hi all... im in need of comparing two reg file.. Is there any s/w that clearly indicates the differences made...
open source s/w is what im looking for...

2)Tracking changes
Is there any software or program that can keep track of what changes another SOFTWARE is making {"- all this doing dynamically"}

For eg - registry changes , File/Folder Creations, Resources used etc..


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I guess u r looking for windows software? Wrong section then. Regmon and Filemon is what u r looking for...


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There are lots of file comparison S/w but using them we cant compare 2 .reg files . . .
I got one from REGISTRY WORKS - V2.7.1 .. . it is working fine with registries.. { not open s/w}

Thanks all


You can use Arovax Shield, a free tool to monitor changes in system including registry.

Arovax Shield is a free real time monitor which goes beyond what other softwares offer by adding another layer of protection to your system proactively. It runs silently in the background, watching for Malware/parasites trying to intrude on your system.

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