1. B

    Windows 10 weird issues

    Hello Friends, We have a Harassment-Packard laptop that came with a Windows 10 Home OS. It is giving weird issues like sometimes the wifi disconnects all of a sudden and we have to restart to make it connect again. In networking properties sometimes the realtek wifi shown is disabled and when we...
  2. A

    cursor stuck

    my cursor is stuck on one side and does not move wth the mouse, though i can use the mouse button functions. before the window starting screen appears the cursor actually moves from the centre to the side and remains stuck there. i went into setup but did not find anything relating to mouse and...
  3. A

    [HELP]Moto E 2nd Gen stuck in Booting loop

    Hello Folks, Returning to TDF after a long time :razz:. Need some urgent advice, My Moto E 2nd Gen is stuck in a booting loop at the Motorola Logo, I tried the hard boot and Factory reset but it goes into the loop again. The phone is 4 months old and is still in Warranty, Any suggestions...
  4. I

    Windows 7 boot problem

    I was using windows 7 ultimate 32bit which got slow suddenly..i restarted it & it got stuck at "starting windows" windows was no success. tried to reinstall with dvd.chose ultimate 64bit.previous installations took 3-4 hrs but this time "saving windows files" took 9hr.installation was...
  5. M

    Help! Guys help me unbrick my moto E.

    I am a moto E user I tried to flash Resurrection Remix from here [ROM][5.1][LOLLIPOP]RESURRECTION REMIX 5.4.1… | Motorola Moto E | XDA Forums but stuck in bootloop. I went to TWRP and Wiped data,system,dalvik,cache.Then selected ROM from SDcard and after flashing ROM i flashed Gapps...
  6. smashingdude

    FIFA 14 stuck at loading screen!

    Hey guys, so i just bought a new laptop (Dell Inspiron 3542) I installed FIFA 14, which was working just fine on my desktop, on the laptop and launched the game. However, the game keeps getting stuck at the screen where it says "press start or space to skip". I have tried using the laptop's...
  7. R

    Suggestion for buying Gaming PC Under Rs.3000

    Hi guys, I am new here. I need advice for a good hardware configuration under Rs.30000. I had also selected the processor. I am going for Intel Core i3 3rd Generation. That will be the cheapest and reasonable one. Now I am stuck with gpu, cpu case, hard drive, ram and psu. What more I will...
  8. digit06

    Stuck on the Andriod logo Sfter installing CM 10.1 :cry:

    Guyzzz recently my friend told me that a custom rom can sppeed up ur tablet ... so I tried installing one... I being researching for a week on rooting ..installing cloak work mode .. flashing all these thingsss .. finally I tried to get it installed and the custom rom I used was the Cm10.1
  9. sam_738844

    GPU stuck in lower clock speeds

    hi, as everyone knows, i own a clevo custom laptop with 780M GPU on it, right now i have returned to india for 15 days, and carried the notebook with me, i am facing a very weird problem with it , when i fired it up here, first i faced lag in games, then i noticed with gpuz that the...
  10. B

    Stuck pixels in tablet screen

    I have some green colored stuck pixels in my funbook screen.Tried the app Dead Pixel Detect and Fix(* Still the issue remains.Any other way to fix it?. Picture of the screen
  11. srkmish

    Windows stuck at welcome screen if External Hard drive is attached to PC :(

    I bought a My passport 1 TB Recently. Although the drive is perfectly fine, if i boot the computer with it attached to PC, windows is stuck at welcome screen. When i remove it , it boots perfectly fine and then i am able to reattach. Any solutions for this?
  12. netizen3000

    Trouble booting to ubuntu

    I have installed ubuntu 10 in my pc along side windows 7, while working on ubuntu it crashed and after rebooting i got the following screen and i am stuck with it if i type exit and enter i get the following screen and none of the keys responds and the num lock, caps lock indicators keep...
  13. coolpcguy

    is it normal for heatsink pillar to be stuck in perpetual down position?

    Hey folks, I'm building a desktop for myself (after a *long* time ~8+ years I think) so I'm kinda lost here. My Core i5 3470 was delivered today, albeit in shoddy condition from Flipkart When I opened the half eaten box, I noticed that one of the heatsink pillars was "stuck" in a...
  14. evil_maverick

    Upgrading from the hp dv6-6017tx!!

    Hey ppl, long time!! been a proud owner of the HP Dv6 6017 tx for over a year now... but lately have been thinkin of selling it off and getting a new one(for the sake of upgrading)... at last got a decent deal to sell it off(for the record not having any probs wt soever with the laptop) but...
  15. TechnoHolic

    Blue Stuck Pixel On New Samsung Monitor

    I've purchased a new samsung LED monitor on 1-1-2013,but i'm so unlucky..:cry: there is a super-tiny blue stuck pixel in the right is noticeable when a black screen applied as wallpaper and on "check signal status" with full brightness and contrast.. is it really true that this stuck...
  16. V

    Ubislate 7Ci doesn't boot

    I have purchased Ubislate 7Ci tablet online. Currently after pressing power on button for few seconds may be 10-15 secs tablet switch on but it stuck on Android text logo on only and doesn't go any further, tried to boot several time still the same. I have charged tablet for several hours may...
  17. S

    unable to remove/ repair visual c++

    i tried to remove or repair visual c++ on my laptop... but it is stuck at this : it is unable to find vc_red.msi package.. i guess because of some problem with visual c++ my assassin's creed 3 is stuck at the first screen!!! what is the solution??
  18. kARTechnology

    What can I upgrade

    Hi guys, here's my config, AMD Athlon 4600+ 2.40GHz DualCore Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2HP Transcend 1GB 800MHz and Micron 2GB 800MHz Corsair CX430V2 Seagate 1TB and 500GB Zebronics Peace case with window Please don't suggest to change the motherboard,because its really a great motherboard,has all...
  19. A

    screen going all white and snowy!!! urgent plzz

    i have an HP PAVILLION DV6703TX core2duo 1.67Ghz with 2 gigs of RAM and 150 GB HDD. i while ago my screen started to freeze(ONLY THE SCREEN) but the laptop fuctioned well with external monitor on. the screen seemed to freeze and then slowly washout begining from the right bottom end. and then...
  20. TheSloth

    LAN cable stuck

    Just few minutes ago I bought a LAN cable and was testing in my laptop, it easily got connected but now its stuck in the port. I am using a NP550P laptop. From modem/router it easily detachable but not same case in laptop. Any suggestions? I googled and tried solutions but didn't work. May be I...
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