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Advice/Help :PC troubleshooting


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HI guys,

My PC is acting strange from last 3 days.I tried to clean my memory and memory slot and many known alternative way but still in vain.Last night i noticed something and i have doubt about my Mother board.Hence want your support and thought on this.

PC info is as follows-
Model :Ta785G3HD
CPU :AMD Athlon II x4 630 2.8 GHZ
VGA :Onboard
RAM :Kingston 1333 Mhz 2 X 2 GB
HDD :Seagate 500 GB Sata
Powersuppy:450 watt

My PC used to start for some time and suddenly after few min it is restarted,and while again booting OS is never loaded nor any display on monitor and also it cant be shut down by pressing power button for while.

When i checked motherboard,i found strange indication from Power phase and LED indicators i.e (ph1~ph4,LED1,LED2).When Initially OS loaded the Ph1=on other Ph were off. LED1,LED2=ON.(seems OK). After few seconds Ph1,Ph2,Ph3,Ph4 got ON in increasing order and LED1 and LED2 = OFF. (seems Chipset /CPU Error).Computer Restarted.Motherboard running but cant shutdown.Want your thoughts.

I bought this whole kit 8 months ago.If there is a motherboard problem can you tell me where is customer service center for BIOSTAR in INDIA in MUMBAI?


Try this : Just try to boot your system with 1 Ram and disconnect any hardware that is not needed for booting, like DVD-RW. IF it boots up fine ok, if not check with the other ram. You should also try changing your power supply (SMPS). Might help. Else try Restoring defaults of your bios.


Broken In
Thanks for help.

At last i figured out the problem.
The problem was my power supply FSP saga II 500w And with another power supply my system is working good.

But new problem is raised.
Does any body know FSP Customer service center for SMPS/Power supply.I guess it is in andheri but don't know exactly.

Please help me out from this.
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