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Please Help! I really need it!


Broken In
Guys, it's urgent. I booted up my pc running windows 7 ultimate this morning, and found that out of the four partitions there, the last partition-Partition F turned up completely blank- 117 GB free of 117 GB!:-o It was strange, last night there were hardly 30 GBs left. Only I know the password, so no one else could have turned on the pc. I've lost ALL my data on that partition- that even included world of warcraft and my school project files.:-( What do I do?? :-? Real tough situation building up here! Please help! I need all my files back!

p.s- I tried Restoration. It simply said- no files were found. Strange is the fact that the other partitions were intact, as I had left them.
intel pentium dual core cpu e5400
seagate 500gb
2gb ddr2 ram


Wise Old Owl
Are you sure? It seems like someone just formatted it. Try Free Undelete/Unformat software to see if they can recover the data.


The Power of x480
Staff member
In case Recuva doesn't help, your best bet is to use EASEUS Data Recovery. It's not free. :rolleyes:
But if you didn't format the drive, its The best.


Human Spambot
Recuva is a great app. Still I can't remember that app which I used back in 2006 to recover my data. That time never thought an app could be possible to do a recovery job, but after recovering I was amazed for a long time. I can feel how the OP is feeling now :)
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