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Strange & Confusing: pc reboot after few minutes of power on. Need Help !!!


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Hi guys,
I have an i7 920 on dfi ut x58T3eH8 mobo, merely running on 2 gb of transcend ram n ati hd 4850 being powered by 650 watt psu by coolermaster and I am in strange situation, my pc unexpectedly reboots everytime after i login for 15-20 minutes. First, i thought it might be, due to overheating cause i7 920 produce lots of heat, but i was wrong..
Everything running onboard running cool (i did monitor the heat of both cpu and gpu, they are normal cpu 54'c n gpu 48'c.)

One thing i would like to tell, during experimenting i found that it doesn't reboot for hours if i am at bios or
During installation process of windows or any, Strange !!!

Could anybody can help me on this, on which component i should focus on to recheck/replace. Need ur help guys !!!


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before checking hardware check software.scan your pc with kaspersky or bitdefender rescue cd.you can also use linux live cb/usb to run your pc for hours.


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try a clean install. have you installed any new drivers for you gpu? remove all the new softwares that got installed just before this problem arisen.if that does not fix the problem try a clean install and see the same problem exists or not. this does not seem to be a hardware problem.


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Re: Strange & Confusing: pc reboot after few minutes of power on. Need Help !!!

I didn't install or update any driver, and even not a single program is installed. Anyways m planning for clean install, will post u the result soon..

did tried for a clean install... it rebooted in middle of process...
i think there's some problem, either my psu or ram..
i am trying to arrange both.. will post the result.


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the problem still persist, i did replace ram with new ones...
i also checked psu voltage tolerance, with reference to <http://pcsupport.about.com/od/insidethepc/a/power-supply-voltage-tolerance.htm>

and mine are ok.. checked it on bios
+3.3vdc - 3.28
+5.5vdc - 5.39
+12vdc - 11.77

i guess my psu is fine, and there is enough voltage for it... but the problem is still there, random reboot...

guys anyone got anything to say..
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