1. go4saket

    Issues Related To OPERA...

    Hello friends! Gone are the day for IE and most of the people use either Opera or Firefox as their browser. I very nice article on Opera was also published in Digit last month. As Opera is gaining popularity, I just thought of starting a thread in which we all can clear our doubts relating to...
  2. demoninside9

    help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    i m not able to download through bitload. it start but cannt download n even i dont know why? if anybody know why so plzzz tell me. it starts but after 5 min it shows that uploading speed is 0kbps n downloading speed is 0kbps n stops.
  3. M

    tally problem

    i m using tally 6.3, the problem is i can not select date after 2 march 2005, please tell me what dates should i keep in coloumn of books starts from and financial year starts from.
  4. M

    Subtitles Help

    Hi I downloaded several titles of several Divx movies from the net but when i use them a green diagonal line starts appering in the movies when they are playing . Dont know what to do . I use Winamp .
  5. coolendra

    All w800i queries here !!!!!!!!!!

    Well. guys..... jst got my hands on this beauty......(w800i ofcourse !!!!!) i have some queries for u ppl to solve.... 1. Whc filetypes can i play in audio & video ??? ) 2. What is the exact procedure to stop a song in the mp3 player mode. coz when in the next time i play it starts from...
  6. nix

    spyware doctor starts automatically on net connection

    Spyware doctor starts automatically when i connect to the internet. It does not start automatically when i start the comp. I dont want it to start automatically anytime? a bug?
  7. D

    some programs not starting...

    i am unable to run task manager, turboc , command prompt etc. when i start the program it starts and closes at the same time.... can anybody please tell me the solution for this problem
  8. A

    about internet explorer

    can we open other site which starts from "ftp// " other than "http//".. if yes than how..
  9. deepak.krishnan

    Help me speed up my Dataone

    Hello friends When I connect to BSNL braodband there is a problem.After I browse through some 2 or 3 pages the connection starts malfunctioning.It shows page cannot be displayed and then I have to off my modem and again restart to connect to the net.Can you hep me?
  10. S

    Installation starts when opening some programmes.

    Dear Brothers. OS: Windows XP SP2 CPU:AMD Athlon 2000 XP Motherboard: Gigabyte 7VM333M-RZ(-C) RAM:512MB 333Mhz when i open programmes like Registry Mechanic or Microsoft Encarta some other programme's installation starts. Help me to solve my problem. Thank you in advance.
  11. plsoft

    Windows doesn't start...

    Recently i faced a problem with my OS(xp sp2). The problem is that it doesn't go beyound the booting process. The loading process keeps going on but never starts the window. After that i formatted my windows. However the problem still persists, but it is not permanent. I mean it starts normally...
  12. go4saket

    BIG BIG hardware problem... Please help... Very Urgent...

    Hello Friends! My computer working absolutely fine, all of a sudden starts making a nooking sound (Knik Knik Knik) and every thing helds up. This sound continues for some time, and till then nothings responds. After some time, say a minute or two, it stops and things starts working fine...
  13. J

    files lost

    whenever i downloaded something from net without using download accelerator and somehow power failour occurs, it get vanished.when i further starts my download,it starts from starting. is there anything to recover back..please help me. its really troubling.. :(
  14. Vishal Gupta

    HOW WindowBlinds 5 Starts Automatically at each startup!

    Guys! I hv a doublt about WindowBlinds 5. It automatically starts when we start windows but: 1.) I didnt find ne startup entry for WindowBlinds in Registry (like RUN or RUNONCE) 2.) Didnt find ne service for it in Service Manager. 3.) Neither there was ne service running in Task...
  15. sujeet2555

    autopatcher gives heart attack

    i have xp-pro with sp2.i installed some hotfixes that were critical updates from the autopatcher that come with the digit.after that i gets many problems: 1.explorer does't starts (window has encountered a problem) even in safe mode desktop icons 3.many services stopped.tas manager shows...
  16. R

    Please tell me how to uninstall Messenger in XP

    Hello, Whenever I see the task manager.. i find a msmsgs.exe file running. I found it's the messenger thats bundled with XP. But when i stop it, it starts again on its own! I searched for that file.. and i dint find any! How do i remove this file and therby stopping it from runnning! Please...
  17. H

    Monitor beeps...

    Someone help please...My monitor starts giving off a strange continuous "beep" after about an hour of usage. The beep stops if the monitor is switched off, but starts once again if the monitor is switched. The beep continues till the system is re-booted. Cud someone please explain as to why this...
  18. R

    sims 2 prob

    hey i am having a problem and it is that when i click on the sims 2 icon games loads and a video of ea sports & then a video of sims 2 comes and next there is a window is which the game starts loading ....the problem starts here when the game loads upto 75% a error message comes that driver...
  19. go4saket

    Big Memory Problem??? Plz Help...

    Hello Friends! I am having a big problem, most probably with the memory. My computer working absolutely fine, all of a sudden starts making a nooking sound and every thing helds up. This sound continues for some time, and till then nothings responds. After some time, say a minute, it stops...
  20. anandk

    my nokia6600 not starting - help pls.

    i shut off my nokia 6600, an hour back. now when i try to 'on' it by by pressing the red button on top, if fails to start up. no new programs were installed. its charged. what exactly happens, is that it starts, i get the white screen, then the nokia blue logo, then the logo flickers, again the...
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