1. mario_pant

    how to schedule program termination?

    hi i use BSNL broadband and have scheduled the connect/disconnect using a batch file with the rasdial command.... i download using azureus.... but a thing is that i want the program to auto exit at 7:55 AM... actually when i sleep i just fire up azureus and leave it their with the downloads...
  2. sujeet2555

    mouse flikers

    i have a logitech scroll 3-button mouse .it was running fine for last 2 yrs untill it starts to move in violantly in vertical axis only.i can not click any buttons,pointer moves so rapidly.i have cleaned it ,change settings,re-installed,re-plugged the cord but still it stays fine for a moment...
  3. desertwind

    How to kill gam_server

    I was unable to unmount a drive since it was being used by gam_server. so i tried killing it. But another instance of gam_server starts again by its own. Any way to kil gam_server ? Can I use a gun ???:D
  4. a_to_z123

    What does FEAD Optimizer do?

    Well I've the setup for Adobe Reader 7.0 and I want to know this--- When we start the setup, it starts the Netopsystems FEAD Optimizer and after that normal setup starts. So I want to know what does it do in particular when other setups can install softwares without using it? Does anyone...
  5. S

    How to save movies in quicktime

    I currently opened a movie in mozilla firefox. Now it by itself started quicktime. When i try to save the movie by clicking save as in the browser it starts downloading the whole movie again. The movie is abt 150 mb. neone got ne solution???
  6. S

    win 2000 boot problem

    in win 2000 the windows starts and then it automatically logs in using one of users and then it gives error message that the system registry is too small ..increse it then it starts count down for 30 seconds and again restarts then same thing what the problem...any solution .. it...
  7. Vyasram

    System Blanks and Monitor Blinks while playing games

    While playing games like fifa2003 and ms rise of nations , my system runs pretty well for abt 10 mins and then the monitor starts showing nothing and starts to blink... still the system is running and the hdd led turns on frequently . I should restart it each time to get back..... however i dont...
  8. Vyasram

    Unable to Install Mandrake

    I have an amd 64 3000+, 512mb ram, 160gb sata system with win2k, xp. Whenever i try to install mandrake 10.1 (digit jan 2005) a screen appearssaying "installing hardware Nvidia ide/scsi/firewire" before the installation starts and then nothin' happens. I guess it doesn't support sata. How can i...
  9. T

    Spybot Search & Destroy Problem

    I have installed the Spybot Search & Destroy 1.4 on my Windows XP SP2 system. The problem is , S&D starts and when the scan starts it scan for a few seconds and then freezes or hangs. Any solution to resolve this issue will be highly appriciated. Please help!
  10. E

    Tries to connect automatically after 10 seconds ..why ?

    hey guys I have XP...The problem with my computer is that when i switch it on and start working on anything...immmediately after 30 seconds or computer starts to connect to the internet automatically...since i am using BSNL fails to connect coz i switch off the modem..(it...
  11. hittheswitch

    DVD Writing problem !!

    I dont really know what is the reason of this. I'm using Nero Burning Rom 6 right now.Everything was fine but when yesterday i was trying to write data DVD it refused to do so. Actually most of you must have seen as soon as Nero starts writing a CD/DVD during the first few second the buffer is...
  12. speedyguy

    Midtown Madness 2 Dosnt Start:Does it?

    Well this is a strange issue i have with mm2....on running d game it starts after abt 3-5 mins...though in taskbar menu it shows midtown2.exe runnin but theres no game, just d normal working in desktop...there is a chance out of ten thousand that it starts well on ive changed my mobo...
  13. linardni

    Off Auto-Internet connexion

    Whenever I open downloaded webpages, attempts to connect Internet starts automatically. How to block it?
  14. A


    somebody plz tell me how to delete the stored usernames and other data in the IE My username is aman_agrawal when i type 'a' it shows all my usernames which starts from 'a'
  15. S

    Is my HDD Damaged?

    Hello friends, I bought my PC 4 months Back. Still under warranty. I have P4 3 Ghz HT, 865 GBF Mother board, 512 DDR400 Ram, DVD Rom,CD RW, 128 MB GeForce and 160 GB 7200RPM Seagate HDD. OS:-Windows XP SP2 Problem:- Every time i start my PC windows scandisk starts automatically and...
  16. L

    XFX 5200 problem

    i installed a XFX5200 card in my intel 865 GBF and it keeps giving some error message saying thet the new hardware is not installed properly etc... it then starts dumping physical memory on the hard drive. please help me
  17. pirates1323

    Deadly Blue Screen

    I use win.. xp pro as it happens sometimes when I start my comp. when that xp boot screen comes then it starts loading after sometime when loading is complete a blue screen something written on it I can't read it, then after a second comp. restarts. after restarting I press enter on "start...
  18. kunwar

    why can't i run Dues Ex 2 :Invisible War

    If i can play doom 3, i can play eveery game. but :oops: when the game starts loading, i can see all the icons on my desktop. but not the menu of the game.
  19. V

    nvidia driver in fc3

    Hi, When i installed the nvidia driver in fc3, and reboot my machine, it says that it cannot load the nvidia kernel module; and x doesnt start. when i login as root and do modprobe nvidia, then startx, it starts up. i however cant do this every time. how to avoid this? I have a geforce fx...
  20. V

    computer(win xp) starts dialing automatically

    i have got a wierd problem here. whenever i run some applications xp starts dialing my dialup connection even though i disabled it in options->connectios.. i tried editing the registry but they snap back to their original values. this problem doesn't occur in other user account.
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