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  1. S

    Problem with Samsung Galaxy

    I bought a phone Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 around one and half year back. Now I noticed that It starts blinking sometimes without any reason. Is there any problem with phone!!:-?
  2. ajayashish

    Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Runtime error

    Hi, The game was running fine till i reach the "Shattered Mountain" which I believe is the last stage. Suddenly now it giving some Runtime error. So the game starts... i select the campaign and select the last saved state... it starts loading and then a blank screen comes which happens...
  3. P


    Hi I have currently intel core2duo e4400 2ghz cpu 1gb ram and 1gb nvidia 210 graphics card. I recently started using windows 7 from xp so wanted to upgrade ram. After installing another 1gb the monitor does not display anything though the comp starts. What could be the problem ? The comp starts...
  4. TheLetterD

    App issues with the Xperia P

    Hello I am new to android and just got my Xperia P I had a few problems: 1. As soon as I launch FlipBoard, it starts blinking and a black screen starts flashing and it eventually crashes. 2. Angry birds space crashes as soon as launched. 3. *IMP* I tried to play some 720p movies but they...
  5. T

    Cheapest DSLR ?

    as the Title says i want to know which is the cheapest DSLR presently in the market i aim for a 10k but is my 15k max budget i would buy its in the coming month somewhere in the ending on July i have really no idea about cameras i have heard that Dslr starts from 20k or so is it true ?? and what...
  6. mikeyaxe

    computer start up problem - i5-2500k/asus z77-m pro

    Guys facing Ram problem as well as, start up problem Current config P8Z77 Mpro-mobo I5 2500K 8GB DDR3 1600Mz Nvdia 250GS 22" led 1TB WD HDD Cooler master 315 Cabinet 500 watts smps 1) Problem I didn't hv a GC earlier on, just brought it today! Restartd d computer and it was...
  7. R

    P8H67-M LX autostart issue

    Guys i'm experiencing a strange problem.......don't know whether its my motherboard (P8H67-M LX) or my intel i3-2100 processor........ Actually when i switch on the main power (not from my cabinet but the normal wall switch) my processor fan automatically starts rotating but the system...
  8. sky770

    Will your Android device get CyanogenMod 9? Take a look at this flow chart

    :-D Well as the thread's name suggest. Lets get started here Best of Luck!:):twisted: A note for nOobies: If yall are having some prob to find out from where the chart starts?! LOLz:D It starts from the top :)
  9. MegaMind

    Files not viewable!

    Hey guys, i connected my bro's Samsung Galaxy Fit to my rig on siggy via bluetooth & only the folders in the mobile are visible files are not shown.. Why is this happening? Also i'm not able to with usb cable, mobile doesn't show any usb options but starts charging.
  10. D

    About VLC player...........

    Is there any way by VLC plays video playlist automatically on startup i.e. whenever VLC is started,the playlist starts automatically......anything with the use of command line,etc.?
  11. G

    Sync out of Range

    Hi PC specs: ASUS M/B with on board graphics. HD is partitoned in to 3 parts with XP-SP3, Win 7 and Ubuntu on different partitons. Other OSs works well, but sometimes the XP shows the Sync out of Range error; which I took a photo and u/l, and the image is attached. When I reboot 1 to 3...
  12. A

    start-up and turn-off & start-up & turn-off indefinitely

    I've been having problem with my desktop. It's around 4 months old. Intel DH61WW mother board, core i3, 2 GB RAM, 500GB HDD, AMD Radeon 5450. My problem is that the computer turns off, there is not a proper shut down. And in a few seconds it powers up but the power led is not on. and there's...
  13. R

    Computer Starts with a black screen??

    Hello, Friends I m facing a problem in my PC for recent few days- When I Start my PC then there is no sign of the loading of BIOS or Windows. After 15 to 20 minutes then the computer starts (display comes). What is the problem with my PC, can any one please help me???
  14. Nipun

    Assassin's Creed 2 problem

    I purchased Assassin's Creed 2 a few weeks ago but it doesn't work very well. I installed the game after I got internet on my desktop, but it doesn't seem to work.. :( Everytime I run it, the game launches an updater and starts to update the game, and usually shows remaining time to be 0.5-3...
  15. jerrin_ss5

    PC suddenly powering down

    hey guys i am facing a strange problem whenever i try to boot my PC it starts up normally and starts the normal work but after some time (times are random)it powers down automatically and this happens again and again. After repeated attempts say about 10-15 times of this phenomenon my PC starts...
  16. IronCruz

    Strange problem in PC

    My uncle have 3-4 year old HCL pc. Now when i turn on the UPS and press power button, the system starts but monitor light will be orange. Then i keep pressing the power button till it get off. Now again i start the system starts. Now while working suddenly system restarts. This happens...
  17. g_goyal2000

    Crysis 2 stuttering problem

    I just installed Crysis 2. The problem is, initially the game runs smooth for a few minutes. But after a while, the audio starts cracking badly and with it, the game also starts stuttering and the frame rate just drops. The game starts moving frame by frame. I have a Dell Laptop Studio 1558 with...
  18. omega44-xt

    Firefox delay..

    I'm using Mozilla Firefox 5. When i was using Firefox 4 it took 5-7 min to start. Then i upgraded to Firefox 5. For few days it was working fine. Then a problem started. The problem is that it starts only when when internet is disconnected(I use dial up settings). When my net is connected i does...
  19. D

    Pc slows down......

    my pc configuration is intel pentium D 80 gb +40 gb HDD 512 mb+ 512 mb ram win XP SP2 pc boot up very slowly,even program takes lot of time to open up..... its starts hanging while multitasking...... my AVG antivirus shows no viruses during scanning.. plz help me out........:sad::-(
  20. A

    System reboot loop

    System reboots few times before getting past 'Starting Windows' .It starts at once other times. What could be the problem.
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