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  1. D

    RAM problem

    Yesterday iadded a ddr2 2gb ram to my existing config of Pentium 4 3.2 ghz processor 2gb ddr 2 ram Nvidia 9500 GT Graphic den after i insert it in da ram slot and open da comp da comp starts giving beeping sounds and when i remove it it works fine Any help on how can i use it???
  2. funkysourav

    Screen Flashing Bug in Crysis 2007

    I am facing some weird "Flashing Textures" bug in Crysis 2007 I was playing the "Reckoning" stage just when i come out of the ship to Kill the alien hunter, the textures of the sky starts flashing uncontrollably weird thing is when i turn towards any other thing except the sky, it turns...
  3. R

    BR-Rip movies in P-4

    I have a P-4 mac with 2.4GHz processor, 1 GB(333) DDR RAM, Nvidia Gforce FX5200 graphics card.But whenever I play a BR-Rip movie, after sometime it starts to hang.Is it normal for a machine with the above mentioned configuration?
  4. official

    PC stutters at the time of starting

    previously i had the blue screen problem that i had reported....and by the help of fellow digitians i could remove it..but now i am facing some new s*#t...my pc when powered on starts and switches off again n again for 3-4 times before it boots...this thing happens before the beep sound...
  5. M

    Pre booking for Sandy Bridge CPU's and Motherboards started

    Hi guys., there is a good news. Pre booking for Intel Sandy Bridge processors and Asus , MSI motherboards starts @ smc.. i5 2400 - Rs.9750 i5 2300 - Rs.9200 Asus P8H67 M LX - Rs.6100 Asus P8H67 M LE - Rs.6500 MSI P67A GD55 - Rs.9750 Delivery starts in 7 days.. Hurry up..

    Online shopping

    Hi everybody I have got a lot of doubts regarding online purchasing. Please clear them. First this is my configuration AMD P2 X4 955 BE GIGABYTE GA 880GMA UD2H SAPPHIRE HD 6850 TOXIC EDITION CORSAIR XMS 2X2GB 1333 SEAGATE 1TB CORSAIR VX450 ANTEC 300 APC BACK UPS 800VA LG 22X...
  7. B

    How to use two smps simultaneously

    Hello, Hi Everyone!! I am a new member here. I have a query which I hope will surely be resolved by the experts here. I have my PC where there are loads of components so my single SMPS gets burn every time due to heat & load. SOme one told me to use two SMPS to resolve the...
  8. Faun

    What made you smile today ?

    Getting transferred to my home :)):)):)) Next chapter of my life starts now !
  9. P

    a.bat trojan horse

    Hi All, My system is suffering from a unusual problem of a trojan horse. When this trojan first came i tried to remove using Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 but it did not help so i formatted C: of my computer. As soon as i reinstalled my Windows and Symantec Endpoint again the same trojan...
  10. ankushkool

    Desktop not booting up! need help!

    A friend of mine is facing this prob... When he powers on his PC power is supplied to all de components... PSU fan starts, CPU fan starts, HDD starts... no beeps but nothing happens. Nothing on screen. Checked all de cables. I dont think it can be a RAM or PSU prob. What can be wrong? please...
  11. hansraj

    Problem in converting video files.....

    Hi friends.... I recently started converting my existing collection of videos which are *.mkv files generally with 5.1 channel audio. I have been using xilisoft video converter but when I convert the video to the desired format(audio selected to 5.1 for output) my audio output is defected...
  12. official

    The witcher problems in Windows 7!!! help needed

    hey guys i am a hardcore fan of the witcher and i thought of playing it again as i could not complete it previously. I hav the normal version and downloaded the EE package from its site..As i heard there was a new patch 1.5 which has new mission i downloaded it. Now wen i installed and updated...
  13. V

    wierd mouse problem

    I dont where to put this question so i am putting it here some time when i boot my system (windows xp sp2 professional) my mouse just freezes and then i have to restart the system then it starts working normally . Ihave change the mouse but problem is keep happening . thanx
  14. eggman

    What's your caller tune?

    The title is self explanatory! Mine is a song. Vertigo by U2 (plays from 0:37 to 1:07) I like it cause the hook starts from "HELLO HELLO..." P.S. I know it's a useless thread!
  15. chesss

    weird problem, solution etc

    So a neightbour has a problem, his PC starts then stops after a couple of seconds . I opened his case , just looked around couldn't figure out anything. SO the next day he got an engineer to look into it. Now the engineer has identified the problem, but its something I have never heard...
  16. naveen_reloaded

    **Digit Admin** starts spamming Digit Forum Itself

    Instead of fixing the forum and preventing spam Digit admin starts a new section to promote " no body going to buy " stuff... this cant get any worse than this... one thing is clear... TDF is going down... to mods : dont merge this one with the antoher thread... this is totally...
  17. R

    Help needed!

    my sys confi: intel quad core 2.32, 4 gb RAM, nvidia 260gtx graphic card. prob lies tht, when i play fifa 09 screen starts flickering. it happens only in fifa 09.rest of the games are running smoothly,i have all updated driver. plz help
  18. A

    Fedora 10 startup screen

    Hello friends recently i installed windows xp freshly. Earlier i was having both xp and fedora but after reinstalling xp, fedora bootloader doesn't work. So i took fedora dvd and installed bootloader from their. but now although fedora starts successfully but when it starts it shows only...
  19. M

    task prioritize..!!

    Hey guys i hv an intel 2.4 with 4 gb ram..with win vista. im playing godfather2 these days..the game starts alright... bt what happens afterwards is...it start hanging in between...thn again it works alright..thn starts hanging again...and this goes on.... what i want is...a software which...
  20. A

    PC not booting, fan starts and imdtly stops

    after i start my pc only fan starts spining and immedietly stops and then nothing happens to pc. my pc configuration is msi prescitt ready mothrboard, 512 mb ddr1 ram, intel p4 2.66 processor,
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