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  1. cacklebolt

    Samsung Wave -still awesum???

    was browsing the other day and i came across a review of samsung wave 1.. the specs of the phone are respectable even by todays standards.. why doesnt it sell that well??
  2. socrates

    Mozilla introduces WebAPI; open standards for a phone experience

    See: Mozilla introduces WebAPI; open standards for a phone experience
  3. NucleusKore

    An advertisement in this month's magazine, request for genuine feedback

    Dear fellow members/subscribers IF you turn to page 129 of this month's Digit magazine, you will see a full page "security" related advertisement. I do not want to mention the name of the ad as it migh trigger automatic queuing for moderation. I want to know if any of you have bought the...
  4. Krazy Bluez

    Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 8

    Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 8 Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) will release the latest version of Internet Explorer at noon Pacific time on Thursday, bringing major changes in...
  5. A

    Need Answer

    1.Recently I searched Yahoo and found some text on Computer. But some portion of it was beyond my knowledge. I cannot understand the following ...Please tell me what does the following mean in a layman language........ "An indirect but important benefit of the registry to IT...
  6. Cyrus_the_virus

    How Microsoft lost the office file format battle

    When MS announced that SP2 for Office 2007 would support ODF and not OOXML, it suffered defeat at its own hands By Neil McAllister (InfoWorld) 30/05/2008 11:41:18 Score one for the good guys: Last week, Microsoft announced that not only would Office 2007 Service Pack 2 support the ODF (Open...
  7. Cyrus_the_virus

    U.K. standards body taken to court over OOXML

    The British Standards Institution has been taken to court by a group of Unix users in an attempt to get the standards body to recant its approval of Microsoft's Office Open XML document format. The UK Unix & Open Systems User Group said on Thursday that the British Standards Institution's...
  8. praka123

    Micro$oft influencing partner NGOs to support OOXML in India

    Microsoft influencing partner NGOs to support OOXML in India By Mayank Sharma on March 04, 2008 (9:00:00 PM) Microsoft is encouraging its business partners to promote its Office Open XML specification (OOXML) to...
  9. amitava82

    Internet Explorer 8 beta cannot properly display Microsoft’s site

    right side of the page: Ctrl+C
  10. soumya

    IE8 will render in true standards mode, by default

    In what is probably one of the most fantastic bit of news to come out of Redmond in a long time, Microsoft has announced today that IE8 will, by default, interpret web content in the most standards compliant way it can. Posted on the IEBlog, Dean Hachamovitch, General Manager for the Internet...
  11. ravi_9793

    IE8 passes Acid2 Test and FF3 fails

    IE8 Passes Acid2 Test.But FF3 fails this test. Now with this, Microsoft IE again proved to be best. Full article here: http://www.sitepoint.com/blogs/2007/12/20/ie8-passes-acid2-test-web-standards-project-dies-of-shock
  12. soumya

    Microsoft to Release IE 8 Beta 1 in First Half of 2008

    Microsoft plans to release the first beta of the next version of Internet Explorer in the first half of 2008, and said that IE 8 has passed a key Web standards test that ensures the browser won't "break" the Web. IE8 has passed the "Acid2 Browser Test" from the Web Standards Project, which...
  13. xbonez

    Microsoft already works on Internet Explorer 8

  14. R

    graphics programming??

    We are now starting graphics programming in our cmouter science course. Our labs have TC++ installed and still use the old BGI graphics library provided with the IDE. I use GNU/Linux on my PC and I want to do graphics programming based on current standards and which are supported on Linux. Can...
  15. techtronic

    Microsoft Supports Rival Office Document Format

    Microsoft is supporting a chief rival to its Office suite for approval to a national standards board. The company announced yesterday that it voted to add the Open Document Format (ODF) 1.0 to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) list. ANSI is a private, nonprofit organization that...
  16. morpheusv6

    Microsoft drops few clues about IE8

    May 02, 2007 (Computerworld) Microsoft Corp. dodged questions this week at the Mix07 Web developer conference about when it plans to update its Internet Explorer browser to Version 8. During a session on the development of its current browser, IE7, Chris Wilson, Microsoft's platform...
  17. Josan

    Vista Banned??????????????????????

    The prestigious National Institute of Standards and Technology has put a ban on Windows Vista, but that's standard procedure, according to NIST's chief information officer NIST, which does research and sets standards for things like cryptography for government use, is among several federal...
  18. M

    Microsoft's amusing standards stance

    continue reading here - http://news.com.com/Microsofts+standards+choice/2010-1013_3-6161285.html
  19. B

    Exact Dimensions=?

    What r the exact dimenisions in mm of an internal SATA HDD & internal optical drive? Are there any universal standards or it changes from one manufacturer to other ?
  20. praka123

    LDN: an MSDN for Linux developers

    read more.. http://www.linux-watch.com/news/NS8006773943.html
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