1. T

    O General Inverter Split or Mitsubishi Hybrid 1.5 Split AC ?

    I require an AC for extended use. As I work from home the AC will continuously run day and night. Hence energy consumption is a must. Also air quality is important as I have allergies due to dust. Room size is 12.5 ft (breadth) X 15ft (length) X 11ft (height) Budget is open. The...
  2. Tenida

    Split AC Installation query!!!

    I have bought two split AC for my home (1.5ton 5star & 1Ton 3star) and two vguard VG400 stabilizer. I want to know from the gurus that:- 1) what things I should look upon when the Service technician install the air-conditioner. Like I have seen some video mentioning vacuuming and leak...
  3. avichandana20000

    2 ton A.C.

    My room is 298 Sq ft not directly exposed to the sun throughout the day but after 3 p.m it hugs sunlight. I am looking for a 2 Ton INVERTER A.C. I have shortlisted the following: LG BSA24IMA Inverter V Split AC (2 Ton, White) Daikin 1.8 Ton Inverter FTKV 60 NRV16 R-32 Split...
  4. V

    Need help with Hitachi 1.5 ton split AC

    Hello Friends, I have a 1.5 ton hitachi split ac. model: rau318ksd/2012. Cooling of the AC is good. However the problem is, the AC is not regulating the temperature. Whether I maintain the temperature as 18 or 30, the cooling is same. Even at 30 the compressor is constantly on and the room...
  5. .jRay.

    Editing software for splitting

    Please suggest some good video splitter software.. i have a 4 hour video which i need to split in some parts
  6. B

    Buying AC for 260 sq ft room-Major Problems

    I currently live in a hostel on university and i have a large 20 x 13 feet room on the second level. I've been living here for last 3 years and must for another 2. I bought a 3star 2.0 ton split Panasonic AC in 2011 (cs-yc24mky), which is a power hog at 10.1 amps of running current and 2280...
  7. krishnandu.sarkar

    Which Brands to Consider For Split AC

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a 1Ton 3 Star Split AC for my home. I checked out local electronics shops here, but can't make up my mind which brand to go for? I have heard people saying to avoid LG and Samsung in case of AC's. So how is Bluestar, Daikin, Hitachi, Voltas, Whirlpool etc? My dad is...
  8. bajaj151

    Stablizer for 1.5T Split AC ??

    Hello 1) I am planning to buy stabilizer for my 3 split AC (1.5T each) details of each is mentioned below : a) LG LSA5NR3F b) Samsung AS18FADTL c) Videocon VST5233 2) Could you please guide what stabilizer shall I buy for each AC, voltage fluctuates between 170 to 270V at my home.
  9. Ashok Verma

    what an inverter AC is.!!? Suggest Split under 30K budget

    frnds as i was looking for a split ac. i came accross with inverter ac. i don't have any idea about them plz tell me is it worth to buy that one... Also, i'm looking to buy an split AC and thinking of buying samsung 1.5Ton 5Star AC. plz suggest me a gud one.
  10. Superayush

    1.5 ton split ac

    Hey can someone tell me best 1.5 ton split ac preferably inverter I can get in Delhi for around 45k or less Ground floor Operation expected:9+hrs daily Requirements:should give trouble free service ,effective cooling and should be as efficient as possible for the price I pay
  11. D

    Split AC SHARP Vs Diakin

    Hi... I've recently posted before, but due to no response and altered budget i am posting a new thread. So i did some market search in lucknow and found out few brand worthy as per the dealers as well as online. I request u to provide me the best option with Max price at which i should pay...
  12. D

    1.5 tonne Split AC under 27K??

    Guys the market is packed with AC of so many brands and types that my head started spinning a while ago, so i urge you to guide me through my first split ac. All i need is a decent split ac with consumption and noise as low as poosible in the given budget, although noise factor comes last... I...
  13. anikahead2010

    WTB Split AC 2 ton.Need suggestion.

    Need a 2 or 2.5 ton split AC.:-) No company preference. Budget:50-60k Please Advice. Thanks in Advance.
  14. L

    need help buying 1.5 tonn split ac

    hey guys i need to buy a split ac budget 40k can you guys help me out
  15. K

    [URGENT] Split AC required <budget 30K>

    Hi TDF, I'm in need of a 1.5 Ton Split AC within the budget of 30k, we live on the 4th floor and above us is the roof. Please suggest best choices within this range based on BEE, EER etc etc Couldn't afford inverter A/Cs , they are way beyond my budget :cry:
  16. K

    ## plz suggest split ac for my clinic ##

    Hi , I am a doctor and having a clinic in the basement of a 3 storey building. Need split ac for my consulting room ( aluminium partitioned) measurement 22×16. The entrance is the only route by which sunlight enters and no ventilating provisions. Usage period will be 6-8 hours everyday for 5...
  17. rickenjus

    split file online

    Is there any website, or any filehosting site where I can upload file remotely and then split it into two or more parts or just down file into parts..???
  18. T

    Need Suggestions for new split ac for small room

    Hi guys...i need to buy a new split ac for my 70 sq feet room. Preferred size will be 0.75 or 1 ton. Please suggest me best model and brand. Max budget is Rs 25000. Can stretch to Rs 30000 if it is really worth that much. This is my first split ac so please suggest me which features i should...
  19. K

    Requesting split ac installation for semi underground room.

    Hi, I live in a small town near tirupur, tamilnadu. I am planning to start ENT clinic in a prominent location but could get only a semi underground Hall. The Hall has no windows and the consultation room is planned at the rear end of the Hall by partitioning. Room dimension will be 15×20...
  20. Skyh3ck

    PS2 Game suggestion !!!

    hey friends i have bought a PS2 with two remote and 8 mb memory card can you please suggest some great games with good graphic. also suggest two player co-op game, split screen game etc. and where to get it for cheap price thanks
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