1.5 ton split ac


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Hey can someone tell me best 1.5 ton split ac preferably inverter I can get in Delhi for around 45k or less

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Operation expected:9+hrs daily
Requirements:should give trouble free service ,effective cooling and should be as efficient as possible for the price I pay

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Sharp AH-XP18MV - Rs 46000
Sharp AH-X18PET/PHT - Rs 40500/43500
(Prices in Delhi will be a lot cheaper than I mentioned)

Daikin - FTKV 50 NRV16 R-32 - Rs 46000

The Sharps here offer the best value be it cooling efficiency or newer technology.The Daikin uses R22 refrigerant while the Sharp uses the new R410a.


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Thx a lot sadly my parents be like never heard of sharp ...they wanted only from hitachi or ogeneral and because of budget limitations they prefer to go with hitachi tried to explain them inverter tech and it's benefits not much of use ..:/
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