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I currently live in a hostel on university and i have a large 20 x 13 feet room on the second level. I've been living here for last 3 years and must for another 2. I bought a 3star 2.0 ton split Panasonic AC in 2011 (cs-yc24mky), which is a power hog at 10.1 amps of running current and 2280 wattage consumption and 2.8 EER and 6.4kw cooling capacity. It is a small hostel consisting of 24 rooms and every room has an AC (mostly 1.5ton split) , which causes major voltage problems during day and night, voltage drops down to 90-110 many times. I bought a large 5kw bluebird stabilizer(which is extremely heavy) back in 2011, after the first 2 stabilizers literally burnt from inside. But it still fails to keep my AC from cooling. I am sick and tired of my AC never compressing, only the fan runs. It does run at around 3am-10am when voltage settles down(at that time my room gets extremely cold) so i know the problem isnt with the AC itself. . After consulting with the electrician, it seems the wire distribution was not done correctly at my hostel and cannot be corrected which is a big letdown for me,(Most of the rooms on the ground floor have proper voltage.) The actual electricity cost of the AC is of no concern to me, as i prepay a flat rate for 6 months of electricity to the University. So my AC is left on 24/7.

The problem I face with this is that the room i live in is 260sq feet and it is on the 2nd level so it is much warmer than ground floor. If i go for a 1.0ton- it might not cool it enough, and on the other hand if i go for a larger 1.5 ton AC, it might require too much power, which i am not receiving from the wall outlet. There are numerous other people on my phase that have 1.5 ton split AC that share similar problems, given they are 2-3 star and older models(2009-2011). There is only one person on my phase on the upper level whose AC works properly and he has a Voltas 0.75 ton window ac that runs at 950 watts, for his 200 sq feet room that uses 4-5 amps on average( i tested using a clamp meter). His room is situated on the other side, away from the sun so 0.75 is enough to get his room comfortable, but i believe window AC is not enough for my large room. So i have decided enough is enough, i am selling my AC and am going to buy one that runs at lower wattage.

I already have buyer lined up for my current AC, but I'm not sure which AC to replace it with. I had a few options

I looked at 5 star non-inverter ACs and found a Voltas 1.5 ton split that runs on 6.4 amps at 1424 watts for RS 35000. This was the least power consuming i could find at 1.5 tons.

Then there is a 5 star 1.0ton Mitsubishi split AC that runs at just 4.7 amps and 1060 watts for RS33500.

Afterwards i noticed there were inverter AC that use less power and i starting doing research on them and found these.

Sharp 1.25 ton AH-X15RET at 6.9 amps and 1420 watts. I heard inverter AC use less power so i thought there might be a better chance at them cooling at low voltage aswell. And 1.25 seems to be a good compromise between a 1.0 ton that might not cool and a 1.5 that would be power hungry.

Can I please get input/suggestions as to what i can do.


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there are lots of people in this forum who will advocate for SHARP....... but, trust me i am from kolkata and my friend bought a 1.5 ton SHARP INVERTER AC and a HITACHI 1.0 TON normal split for another room. the SHARP is in a 130 sft room and HITACHI is in a 100 sft room. But after 15 days the the HITACHI has taken way over the SHARP one is terms of good cooling. SHARP IS USING all aluminium which will never match copper used in HITACHI, DAIKIN OR "MITSUIBISHI" .You should consider MITSUIBISHI AS I FOUND OUT to much more superior to these and also O-GENERAL (FUJITSU GENERAL) .They use enviro-friendly R410A REfriegent in normal split as well as in inveter AC's.

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Forget his trolling and get the Sharp. Im using a Sharp 1.5 ton for over 1.5 years and its awesome. I also own Carrier Hitachi Daikin Voltas ,home and office included and I must say nothing come close to the Sharps cooling. You should go for a 1.1 ton midel from Sharp since you have huge voltage issues. 1.5 ton is good but inverters work in a different way,it senses the room and might draw over 2000 watts to get to the desired temp and then drop down to below 1500 watts or 1000 watts or 500 watts all depending on the room size and the set temps.

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Your room size requires a 1.5 to 2 tons but the severe voltage issue is a major set back. The 1.25 ton is honestly the best you can do with 15000 btu of air.
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