1. Skyh3ck

    Suggest Xbox 360 Games !!!!

    hi guys i bought a used Xbox 360 Jasper recently. i am playing offline, as no internet connection in my area. please suggest good and best games to enjoy this awesome console i would like to try the split screen two player game like Army of Two, once i get the second controller to play with...
  2. H

    Need help buying split ac... budget 32k...

    i am looking to buy 1.5 tonne split ac should i go for godrej 3 star for 27k or hitaachi 3 star for 32k....
  3. shreeux

    Suggest best 1.5 ton split ac available in chennai?

    hi, Please suggest good brand and model number of split ac's which is suitable for chennai summer.less maintenance and good performance also after sales service, I'm looking for 1.5 ton with 5 star rating.. Also suggest best stabilizer and explain about double and triple booster is necessary...
  4. shreeux

    Best Split A/C 1.5 ton with 5 star rating?

    I like to buy split ac please suggest below 35k...
  5. A

    Buying Split AC help needed

    Hi guys, I need a new split ac and the main priority is low compressor noise. Currently i have Bluestar 1.5 Ton 3 star 2009 model and is giving lots of trouble. Budget - 45k Usage - 20hrs per day inverter or non-inverter please help me.
  6. A

    Using one BSNL connection for two houses? Is it LEGAL?

    Hey guys, I have had a computer with internet connection downstairs for almost 6 years now, running on BSNL broadband. But now, after renovation for the upstairs house, I bought a new computer to it, and want internet for that too. Is there any way I can split the internet connection b/w...
  7. doomgiver

    Help with OpenGL programming

    I wish to implement this program : Spherical Landscapes yeah, sounds complex, but is not (at least in my limited knowledge.) ok, so most of the code is there in algorithm form, i just need to know what openGL code to write. im quite new, but im pretty confident i can google/learn this. so...
  8. J

    Stabilizer for AC, Fridge

    Hi, How much is the need for stabilizer for Hitach invertor split AC 1.5t and Whirlpool 500L fridge?
  9. C

    Please Recommend a AC

    Im thinking about buying a AC. Room Size :- 17 Ft X 12 Ft (Room has very large window) I don't know much about AC so tell me how many tonnes AC will be enough for above mentioned sized room? Which AC brand should i buy & also mention a model no. if its possible? What factor should i...
  10. rohitshakti2

    New AC vs. old AC

    Hi friends, I have a old Whirlpool 1.5 ton window AC. Recently around 15 days back it gave problem in cooling. I called the engineer and he said that the gas is leaked and hence he charged me Rs.1500/- for filling the gas. He said that the gas problem is in all homes which are near a nala...
  11. N

    Multi Split Air Conditioener?

    I just saw on a website that there are MULTI SPLIT ACs that have only one outdoor unit and 2 indoor units. So you basically get 2 ac s, at less price, and it is more energy efficient. I heard somewhere that panasonic, general, blue star, are good ac manufacturers. So anyone have any idea about...
  12. rider

    Buying a 2.0 Ton Split AC

    hello guys, I need a Split AC to plug it in the room that is of 7 X 2.8m = 19.6sq metre (214sq feet) area and 10 feet high in dimension. The room is full of windows and a balcony door on one side of 7m length. So full of sunlight comes direct to the room. Also, suggest me which wall I should...
  13. S

    Time Delay between two consecutive power ON for split A/C

    Hello- I need to install a 1 Ton split A/C soon and I've got a 5kVA servo stabilizer serving the entire home. Do I need to have a separate voltage stabilizer for the A/C unit ? The existing servo-stabilizer has a power on delay 1 sec to 5 mins-selectable range. So my question how much time...
  14. cute.bandar

    good program to split large mp3 file into multiple files

    This is proving more difficult than I thought it would be. I have a 250mb (8hr long ) mp3 file that I want to split into files only 5 minutes long. I have already tried audacity, mp3direct and 2 other paid programs , but none work properly. They split the file alright, but when playing them...
  15. Death_Knight

    Help Choosing Best Split Air Conditioner

    I need an wall mounted AC (split) for my room with the following specs: 10'x13' area 2 doors, 1 double & 1 single window Ceiling is non-insulated with open roof above Receive a lot of sunlight after noon Usual occupant - 2 Location - hot n humid Kolkata:-x I have been reading the other...
  16. J

    split second bsod

    i'm getting blue screen of death while loading split second game running win 7 ultimate 32bit my h/w core i3 540 ram 4gb ddr3 transcend xfx geforce gt240 512mb ddr3 graphics card intex 450w psu seagate 500gb hdd
  17. soumo27

    Split Screen racing Game needed~!

    Please can anyone suggest me a good racing game that supports Split Screen and can be played between two players, simultaneously... Thank You.
  18. amitava82

    Left 4 Dead 2 Steam 6 pack split!

    OK, I purchased Left 4 Dead 2 6 pack from steam for $24.99. I have 4 copies left. If anyone wanna split PM me. Payment by paypal or netbanking. Update: Over.
  19. bajaj151

    Graphics Card for Phenom x6

    Budget : 5-6K Purpose : Moderate Gaming (NFS-Hot pursuit..split second etc) (PSU - Corsair 550W)
  20. iinfi

    air-conditioners help needed

    air-conditioners --- help needed we have a pretty big room and will probably need a 2-ton split ac .... my take is a 2-ton split from any other make is equivalent to a 1.5 ton hitachi ac. am i right or wrong?? i v heard people hitachi ACs cool a lot faster and a 1.5 ton hitachi ac is...
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