1. S

    Suggestion Requires for Godrej Split AC

    Hello friends, Looking for some user experience about Godrej 1 Ton Split AC, model number, service/support, quality and performance history/present. Thanks:)
  2. Anindya

    Splitting problem.

    I had 2 clips of different sizes. Both r in DV format. I brought them together in Nero then exported them to make one file. Its ext is avi. Now i want to split the file into 2 equal halves. I tried few sw but none are satisfactory. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  3. almighty

    how i can write a 856 mb iso image?

    hey mates how can i burn a 856 mb iso with nero or alcohal in two parts how can i split them in 428 mbs in 2 parts help plz !!!!!
  4. prankie

    Splitting game into 2 parts???

    I have an image of Supreme commander on my hdd.. the image is of massive 7GB!!! is there any way i can split the image into 2 parts so that i may burn 'em on 2 seperate dvd's instead on a single DL-DVD...????
  5. Dark Star

    The Ultimate Ubuntu Customization Guide!

    *www.techenclave.com/forums/the-ultimate-ubuntu-customization-guide-93039.html Here I had written a guide for customizing Ubuntu ;) Hope you all like it :) Can't post here cause to big and can't split pages :( Peace Ds
  6. ssk_the_gr8

    how to download a 15 gb torrent file in a 10 gb partition

    guys do u know any way to do this should i split the file & download 8 gb in 1 partition & 8 in another....or should i merge the 2 partitions??
  7. planetcall

    Suggest a Split AC

    I am gonna buy a split air-conditioner for my home. I need an ideal capacity AC of 1.5 to 2 tons. Suggest me the best brand and review its features. Better if you have personally experienced it. I have been suggested for Samsung or Electrolux (second one uses Hitachi Compressor as they told)...
  8. T

    Split Vocal And Music From A Song!

    Split ur music from a song .. useful if u want a instrumental version of a song! Soft name : YOgen vocal remover! Will mail the soft to u on request"
  9. blueshift

    Video Splitting

    I can't write a 90 min VCD movie onto 1 CD. So, I need to split my 90 mins DAT(VCD) file into two DAT file sections. I used NO1Video Converter for this. By selecting the clips I would do that but that takes so much of time in encoding too(about 1 hour). So please suggest me some software...
  10. stellar

    Ultra Video Splitter

    When I open Ultra Video Splitter An error message "Library not registered" keeps showing at first then i cannot split movies. I have a registered version.
  11. N

    Is This Legal In Dataone??

    IS THIS LEGAL? IF i take 900 home plan and share it with my friend ........will it be legal?? suppose we both log in from our home simultaeneously bandhwith will split but is it legally allowed??? we will pay 450-450 each by mutual understanding........is it allowed???????? Expert...
  12. karthik55859

    how to split large RAR files??

    hi guys I need to know how to split a large rar files to small ones i mean i have 100 MB rar file and i need to slpit it to four parts of 25 mb each i am using winrar and i am not finding the option can some one guide me step by step thanking all
  13. digiFriend

    how to split Norton Ghost image file to save on CD

    how to split Norton Ghost image file so that it can be save on CD . i have made ghost image of root drive which is 2 GB. and currently save on another partition of hard drive. i want this partition to be split so that it can be saved on CD .
  14. zegulas

    Want to split video which I have recorded using TV Tuner.

    Hi, I want to split the video that I have recorded using my TV Tuner card, the video is in .mpg format and 11.2 GB. Please tell me which is the best and easiest software to do this. And also tell me if it was in any of the Digit DVDs or CDs. Thanx in advance. :P
  15. din4204u

    need to create a self extracting archieve

    i have a dvd contaning a 4.5 gb single file which i need to copy in cds. i can split them with some soft. but i need some software which can make the file self extracting archieves and split them for CDs.so that when i extract the file from cds the software automatically ask to enter next disk...
  16. K

    How-To: Splitting Mp3 files

    As many people are asking about "how I can split those big mp3 files into smaller, shorter tracks", I was wondering to make all of your lives easier! There is absolutely no loss of quality! So, here it is! 1. First you need to download and install this program: *www.mpesch3.de/...
  17. N

    CD writing help

    How can I write a 720 mb 110 minute video file on a CD??? When I choose Nero's "Make a Video CD" option, it starts "encoding" the file @ 1% per hour. Is there any other software?? Or do I have to split the file?? If yes, what software do I use?? Help!! I'm running out of hard disc space.
  18. G

    installing ubuntu with win xp

    I've got win xp installed on my c: drive and wish to install the ubuntu version of linux on it. Now I've got 2 drives c: and d: with ntfs format and I've also got partition magic. So I've decided to split my d: drive in 2 partitions: 1 gb partition for ubuntu and the remaining for winxp. Now...
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