1. sam9s

    BLUR....Another worthy game to play....Exclusive Review

    Guys.... Immidiately after Split Second went for this another awsome game called BLUR, why immediately as Split Second had 7.5 score on gamespot and this had 8.0, so with obvious curiosity, I was too excited to start this game. BLUR also follows the same league as to be a total...
  2. nix

    what happens if the outdoor unit of split AC is exposed to too much dust?

    Right behind our house, the construction of a new apartment has just started. They have levelled the land and made a borewell. And thats also where our master bedroom is located. We initially planned to install the AC in the master bedroom, but since the construction will start soon, we were...
  3. anish_sha

    Subtitle edit : split 1 srt file in to two

    hi guys i got a subtitle file which is a single file... but the movie im having is splitted in to two files.. pls suggest me a good software which can help me to split the srt file also in to two,,,,,,,
  4. redhat

    Need help creating partitions in Vista

    I recently purchased a Dell laptop with 320gb HDD. But it came with two partitions, a 10gb backup partition and the remaining in 1 partition. I wish to partition this huge one into smaller ones. I entered disk management in administrative tools and clicked on split partition. But it showed a max...
  5. Q

    How to compress video file..?

    Hi Guys, Can any one help me to compress video file without loose of Quality......? Actually i have "*.DAT file" which is about 820mb... i wish you see this on my Dvd Player.. so i am not able to burn this 820mb in single cd. so i splited this into 2 equal sizes using Hj split after...
  6. evewin89

    free video splitter needed?

    hello all digitians, i need a free video splitter which can split .vob files coz i want to split a song frm my orginal movie dvd.so plz give me the names of some s/w which can split .vob files.:rolleyes:
  7. pauljose

    Split PDF files

    Hi, are there any free pdf splitters available?
  8. abhijit_reddevil

    Suggest an airconditioner

    Hi, I am not sure if this is the correct section for asking. I am entirely new at this thing. But as the thread title suggests, I need an air-conditioner, split or window. My bedroom is around 15' x 15'. I do not know what is the difference between split and window. Which one to take and what...
  9. bajaj151

    Which Split AC ?

    I am planning to buy split AC for my room. As there are many brands...thats why I am confused..Suggest me Good Brand to go for...(Require: 1.5 ton)
  10. ajayritik

    How can I split a DVD9 movie into two DVD5 ?

    I have an original DVD of a movie which I want to split into two since its size is 7 GB. I have downloaded DVD FAB to do this task. But I have a problem. My C: has only 2 GB space left. When I try to peform this operation in DVD FAB it gives me a message indicating that space is not sufficient...
  11. R

    extracting only last part of a split rar?

    hello everyone i have this problem as follows i downloaded a few split rar files their names were in sequence for eg abc_part1.rar abc_part2.rar abc_part3.rar ... abc_part6.rar as i couldnt wait to see whatever was in those files i started extracting as and when each of the file download was...
  12. ajaybc

    How to split an image for making a poster?

    I have designed a poster for an exibition at my college.Now I have to print it.It takes a lot of money to print large images as it cant be printed in normal printer available at my college. So I intend to split the image into small parts (A4 sized) print it and then join them to make the...
  13. summit.nayak

    Linux DVD into CD

    Hey, I have a Phillips external dvd writer which i cant get to boot from. my other DVD/Cd combo reads only cd but not dvds. i wanted to know if we could split the fedora core 3.2 GB disc into smaller bootable cds. Help will be praised, Thanks in advance
  14. ajayritik

    Need Help with AVI file editing

    I'm really sorry friends if this is a repost. I did find similiar threads about the same just like the one mentioned here *www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=59848 I have some couple of AVI files which I want to edit! From the search I did in the forums I came across couple of...
  15. ajayritik

    How to split a VOB file into smaller size?

    Can someone suggest a software to split a VOB file into smaller parts? I got one such software from the net but that is not so intuitive. I need a software like VCD Cutter in which we can preview the file and then cut or split it at a particular scene rather than splitting it without knowing...
  16. max_demon

    Split Video file?

    split have a video file in 3gp but fast forwarding in mobile is pain in a*s . can anyone tell me how to split in 10 - 5 mins for my ease ? anyone?:confused:
  17. T

    split .mkv files

    i have a 7.5 gb .mkv file.it's a high definition movie file. here double layer dvd costs a bomb. so is there any way i can split the file into two pieces so that i can write them in two dvd-5 don't say win rar or zip 'coz if i wanna watch the movie i have to unrar them first.unraring 7.5 gb...
  18. E

    O partition available :( on vista , please help me split

    I bought a new pc (with 320 Gb hdd) and i installed Vista on it , during the set up i dont know how i skipped the partitioning . now the installation is complete but only C: drive is available How can i split to get more partitions Is there any software , to do this , iam not familiar...
  19. almighty

    How to Split GAME DVD in CD ???

    Hi mates I ve some Games and i wanna burm them in CD for my friend who has CD ROM only and he loves to play all those games I wanna know any s.w which can Split GAME (or s.w )DVD to CD in custmoizesd size.... don tell me abt winrar or hj coz i need a command which ask me to insert 2nd...
  20. msnways1

    WinRAR file extraction problem...

    :?: I'm really need help over exctracting movie from rar. I got 6 files with split volumes. But I can't find last 7th file to extract 1 movie file. Hence winrar gives error on extraction - volume file missing. But I want to extract movie file from these 6 split volumes, thinking that atleast...
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