O General Inverter Split or Mitsubishi Hybrid 1.5 Split AC ?


Right off the assembly line
I require an AC for extended use. As I work from home the AC will continuously run day and night.

Hence energy consumption is a must. Also air quality is important as I have allergies due to dust.

Room size is 12.5 ft (breadth) X 15ft (length) X 11ft (height)

Budget is open.

The brands and models that I have narrowed down to are:

O General (ASGA18JCC - 1.5 Ton) 57000/-
Mitsubishi 5 Star Hybrid (1.5 Ton) 48000/-

Sharp is out of the contention due to poor support/service in my city (Jaipur)

I had made up my mind to get the O General Inverter Split AC but the dealer advises to go with Mitsubishi Hybrid - Upon seeing the specs, mainly Watts, EER and Max cooling capacity it appears that Mitsubishi is good enough on the numbers scale. He also said that power savings will be higher on this Mitsubishi model than the O General one I am focused on.

So I am very confused now. I mostly require good cooling, clean air and energy efficient as it is going to run for long periods.

This is a crucial investment for my health.

So please advise between the two.


Cyborg Agent
It is General, not OGeneral. That O is the logo (a filled circle with a G in it).

This is a crucial investment for my health

Staying too long in A/C would be unhealthy. It could cause dehydration, dry skin among etc.
Would suggest you to work on you allergies rather than keeping away from dust.
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