1. M

    Low Cost Replacement Adaptor for HP P077TX Laptop

    Hi, I'm planning to sell my HP Pavilion P077TX.My adapter is faulty,i dont want to spend too much on an original one. Could you please suggest me low cost adapter
  2. akhilc47

    GPU to pair with FX6300 - 15k

    Hi, I wanna buy a GPU for my PC. Currently using GT630 so looking for a serious upgrade. Specs: CPU: FX-6300 (stock) RAM: Corsair 4GB PSU: Seasonic S12II 520W MOBO: Asus M5A97 R2.0 I'll be playing at 720p or 1080p and won't go for any resolution beyond this. Budget 15k and can...
  3. K

    i3 or i5 for a Non-Gaming PC

    My usage will be pretty basic. Office, Watching/streaming a lot of HD videos.. And most importantly, running hundreds of chrome tabs.. I am a tab-hoarder. I often end up with 4-5 windows, each with ~30 tabs with various youtube links/pics/articles open... I might have a problem :oops: Anyway...
  4. I

    Any competent repair guys in Delhi?

    Hi all! My old and only Gigabyte P35-S3G motherboard has stopped working. It keeps restarting at the BIOS, after checking the hard disks. I gave it to my repair guy and he says that its a problem with the BIOS chip and that he cant find a new one to replace it. Hence according to him, I would...
  5. M

    Sennheiser CX180 Street II or Sony MDR EX110LP or Xiaomi Piston 3

    I am not a audio geek..nor do I have any experience..my last pair was sennheiser mx 170 and i found them really good I listen to everytype of music and not a crazy bass fan but not mind having good bass supported Earphones.. I am looking for in ear Earphones and Shortlisted these 3...
  6. Anorion

    What is the dumbest thing you like to spend money on?

    Does not have to be tech related
  7. mikael_schiffer

    Online computer "window shopping" addict 0_0 Am i the only one ??

    I am sure you all have, at one point of time, made fun of girls and their window shopping habit. Well i still do, and i find it embarrassing when roaming around the mall with girls who spend a lot of time simply staring at thing which are beyond their reach; and at times, dont have any intention...
  8. M

    Is it worth to spend the extra 1000 INR to get product locally

    Snapdeal and flipkart does not ship to my location.But Infibeam does but their online reputation is poor tons of complaints.If you are buying a 15000 worth product is it worth to spend an extra 1000 to get it locally to avoid the headache.
  9. $hadow

    IEM for gift

    Hey guys what's up First of all thanks for all for guiding me buying cowan em1 for myself but as the thread says I want one as a gift on my brothers birthday. He is turning 18 next week :-D So as per his requirements he will use it foe following purposes 1. Lots of movie watching 2. Music...
  10. D

    I need a keyboard and only a keyboard!

    Please suggest a USB keyboard within Rs.600/-. That's the most I can spend.
  11. R

    Phone required with whatsapp

    Budget - 2000 , max 3000 3 inch screen size Bar phone Any Brand will do Touch Screen or even touch n type will do :) Auto Focus with flash Android 3G, but 2G will be fine as well Basically want a phone with Whatsapp in it :) Budget is limited , don't want to spend more than 2000 but...
  12. TheSloth

    Do you mind clubs pumped by oil money?

    Today, all the big clubs like Chelsea, Man City, PSG and even club like Monaco which recently spend huge sum of money, are investing money from the owner's pocket. Few years back, Manchester City was just a small club and Manchester Derby was not so big as everyone knew what will be the result...
  13. G

    Suitable Gaming processor for Mobo

    Hello I have an Asus M4A88TD EVO USB 3.0 mobo. I am searching for a suitable gaming processor. Dont wanna spend much. Is there any between 4-6k. Also a PSU.
  14. R

    How do you spend your downtime at workplace?

    Hi guys, In this thread, I would like to know how do you guys spend your downtime at your office? like browsing forums/news websites, facebook, watching videos ???
  15. Sarath

    How would you spend 40k on a gaming setup?

    It's 2013 and a beginning of a new era in gaming and end of another, and none of that for a PC gamer. Here is a poll that asks you, how would you spend, if you only had 40k, on a gaming system. The poll considers a hypothetical situation where you do not own any of the gaming consoles or...
  16. D

    hdd S.M.A.R.T failure

    After booting with avg rescue disc i found my disk having smart failure though my data is still intact. I have gone through the internet and did not find any solution to it. I think the new drive will cost around 6k and do not wish to spend if an alternate solution is available. is there any...
  17. T

    How many hours do you spend on Computers daily? Are you Addicted?

    By computers I mean everything: Desktops,Laptops,Smartphone,PlayStation,X-Box. But not TV. I spend about 12-16 Hours on a daily basis doing nothing. If it harms you/stops you from doing work then you can call it an Addiction. I can confess that I am addicted to it.
  18. B

    Record Player

    Hey guys, My father has a lot of records(LP) he wants to buy a normal simple record player to listen to his records please help and what will the budget should we spend
  19. Ricky

    Is this worthy keyboard ?

    Hi, As I am professionally into coding, I need to spend a lot of time on computer so I am considering upgrading to a better keyboard.. though I am considering wireless one, I am only able to find this one : Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 USB 2.0 Keyboards - Microsoft: Flipkart.com...
  20. M

    The same old laptop quest

    Hi guys, I know that this is a repeating question for u all.... But i am confused.... I want to buy a lap.... Purpose: Browsing, gaming (fifa mainly... but want to play all kind) And i want to install some dev softs like oracle db and visual studio etc etc.... and a good battery backup...
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