Phone required with whatsapp


Right off the assembly line
Budget - 2000 , max 3000
3 inch screen size
Bar phone
Any Brand will do
Touch Screen or even touch n type will do :)
Auto Focus with flash
3G, but 2G will be fine as well
Basically want a phone with Whatsapp in it :)
Budget is limited , don't want to spend more than 2000 but at max 3000 i can spend :lol:

Please suggest :cool:
Thanks :lol:


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what we should do is take the initiative and report such users.

this will make them stop and think the next time they post such advice.


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I would like to know about BQ s37 plus mobile thats available for 3K. Is it worth and is it stock kitkat 4.4.2 os? Any of yours suggestions are welcome and appreciated.. :)
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