How would you spend 40k on a gaming setup?

How would you spend 40k ?

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It's 2013 and a beginning of a new era in gaming and end of another, and none of that for a PC gamer. Here is a poll that asks you, how would you spend, if you only had 40k, on a gaming system.

The poll considers a hypothetical situation where you do not own any of the gaming consoles or even a remotely playable PC or an iPad etc. For the sake of the poll, just consider it to be your first gaming expense and the only gaming board you own is a chess board and maybe a carrom board (for those who like feeling rich).

The intention of the poll is to have your opinion, about how one would best spend 40k, on a gaming system on this date.
A gaming PC will be better than a console, but in a low/limited budget, console will be better value adn offer better gaming performance than gaming PC with same cost.


Looks like lots of people want some next gen action. But considering how early models are usually pseudo-beta units, it would be wise to wait, atleast a month.


I would rather get an Used PS3 [Modded] as of now & grab a PS4 once it get released than spending limited 40k on a Gaming PC.


Sith Lord
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Yep. Mac mini is for less that 40k. Need to up budget.
Wii + 30k worth of games. Will basically invest most of money in games.


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If I have 40k and not even a PC which can play basic games, then I would for sure invest in upgrading the PC, or assemble a new PC.

40k is a decent amount to make a good gaming rig. I like mostly racing games, and a good i3/i5 processor with a good dGPU would be more than enough. All that jazz about overclocking and crossfire/SLI in an attempt to play games at Ultra resolutions are mostly gimmick or the need for hardware industry to mint more and more money out of poor consumers.

These days even Indie games are very nice to play and most of the Indie games will play on even on HD 4600 graphics.

Coupled with an XBox controller I think a PC in 40k is what I will I like to spend. After all an XBox is a console. PS3/4 is a console. But a PC can be more than just a console.


ACid DrinkeR
Think like this:

Effect cost of PC = 40,000 + [Loads of fun games bought at cheap-as* rates via Humble-Bundle [I have bought more than 50 games at humble bundle at 0.01$/bundle = .6 RS * 10 = 6RS for 50 games [Also bought origin bundle @ 5$]
Steam sales are also very good , but since my laptop doesnt have a discrete gpu [the inbuilt hd4000] i havent bought many games. But i will when i buy a new pc. Also games are much cheaper on PC even on retail than on consoles.

So in theory Console gaming = Expensive + You cant use a computer + You wouldn't be on this forum + You cant use a mouse
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