What is the dumbest thing you like to spend money on?


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On a supercar *s269.photobucket.com/albums/jj44/visio159/Unismilies/85.png


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Im a sucker for exclusives in mobile MMOs, preferably beta exclusives

this is a useless pet with no stat bonus in Star Legends

this is the founding fathers lava dragon mount in World of Midgard


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I am a sucker when it comes to spending money. I only spend on something I truly believe I need it. And I buy stuff only if they exceed VFM and that too on deals. Recent examples include buying Moto X only after 2nd gen came down, and the price dropped to 66% of original price.

I wouldn't say spending money on poster of Back to the Future was a dumbest thing I paid for, but definitely the closest I came to spending money which probably wasn't really necessary.

Though in an alternate universe, I would have spend a lot on old arcade game, probably an old arcade video game machine right in my room, and a collection of superheroes toys and every science fiction books that I can ever find.


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Full collection of House MD blu ray.

I probably would not rewatch it. It'll probably lie in my bookshelf untouched, unopened. At least 95% people who would look at it won't even know what it is.
From all aspects it'll be unwise buy

But I've this in indomitable urge to have the full collection with me. If I ever have such money to spend, I'm sure gonna do it


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I think the topic is of something that you already do and not wish to do.

For me it has to be packaged food. I buy so many new appearances on super market shelves but half the time either don't like it or just never get around to eat it.


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Getting a cheap Android wear, I hate myself for buying it, yet I am buying it.

Cigarette for non-tech stuffs :p


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Not sure if it's dumb or not, but I spend quite a lot of money on books; in fact, entire series of books which I have already read, just to stock them up in my bookshelf at home. I like the feeling of having a library of sorts to myself, even if it means I might not read the same books again. Weird, eh?


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Thread title : More like... What would be the most dumb ( impressionistic/relative ) thing I would buy if i had the money for it.

iphone 6+ of course. What else :D


Dumbest thing that I have ever bought?

Ipod Classic: damn thing can't even delete songs that it contains. stupid crap!!!

no folder view - wtf!!!

itunes su-ck balls

2: Destiny PS4 game
cannot play without internet - wtf bi-tch I am trying to play single player facepalm


Though I won't spend even a rupee on this, still worth a share. :p



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at least physical books are dumb. Take up too much space. Keep getting those as well.

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