1. W

    2 users, in Mum & Gzb, make India 7th biggest spammer

    Source: 2 users, in Mum & Gzb, make India 7th biggest spammer - ET CISO Finally a top record by India in cyberspace other than social media :lol: @ico @Desmond David @Vyom @Cyberghost @Nerevarine @SaiyanGoku @chimera201 P.S. which Bengaluru ISP do you think it is.
  2. SaiyanGoku

    Getting spam calls

    Hi. A female relative of mine has been getting spam (and vulgar) calls for a month now and there seems to be no end to them. So, as a safeguard, I've added all those numbers to auto reject list. I talked to one such spammer recently and he said he found that number written in the toilet of a...
  3. Anorion

    Babas attacking TDF with black magic spam

    this is sincere request for all TDF members to invest some mind power and pray hard to counter the Spam Baba come on, you can do it!
  4. rider

    How to get rid of spam SMSs?

    Heyy, friends. I'm having BSNL Prepaid SIM that I'm using right now, the problem is it gets many spam messages from shops to sell their products. What should I do, please don't recommend me SMS blocker because they use different IDs everytime. I know about DND services but after texting START...
  5. J

    Android app to report spam

    Hello everyone. I developed a small app that reports a SMS/Call as spam by forwarding it to TRAI specified number(1909). Basically, it extracts all info about SMS, formats it into a standard string, composes a message and sends it to 1909. Find it here...
  6. asingh

    Spam Volume on TDF

    Guys, Couple of weeks back, our admin Ico enabled the 10 post moderation mandate for new joinees. Due to this spam posts should be 0.00% or near to it. Talking about new ID's or new posters. Have you guys this to be positive. Have you seen any spam posts by new log in ids. We need this...
  7. M

    my HOTMAIL account sending SPAM to contacts. how to stop???

    Dear Experts, pls guide me to stop SPAM mails, which is effected to my HOTMAIL account. too much trouble that, automatically it sents some links to my contacts. hardly waiting to get guidance best lovingly mobileman
  8. gameranand

    Don't Use Opera Email Client

    Ok guys this is not a question but a suggestion and a warning. DON'T USE OPERA EMAIL CLIENT. Why I am saying it because I just started using it and it just keep sending all my mails to my spam folder and no matter what you do it'll just keep pushing all your mails to spam. I tried to mark the...
  9. K

    your take on the new Anti Spam policy from TRAI?

    I know most of you people will say its just a waste of time and effort, but still. As you must be know TRAI is going through a process of registering the marketing companies so they they will get a specific number from which we will get those SPAM SMSes if we are not in Do Not Disturb (DND)...
  10. choudang

    Spam Manager

    guys ... i am looking for a spam manager for S60 series to get rid of junk msgs [ndnc being helpless with promotional msgs]. i have tried with two namely Kaspersky and Nod32 but have some cons kaspersky: good spam manager for msg and calls. but when you black list a number for msg, msgs being...
  11. D

    A tale of porn, drugs, spam, twitter and zombies

    Source :- A Tale of Porn, Drugs, Spam, Twitter and Zombies If you were asked to paint a verbal picture of the Internet in just five words, would they be porn, drugs, spam, Twitter and zombies? After analyzing an amazing two billion emails a day for three months, that's the image arrived at by...
  12. Hsakarp_kahtap

    Free Kaspersky antivirus 2010 6 months licence key

    Friends and Mods , I don't think that this is spam or a illegal to post any promo going on and we took a advantage to that ... so i am going to post this thread , I don't have any intension to to spam here .. If any of the member want to get a free KAV 6 months licence ... then see this...
  13. rajwansh2003

    Orkut problem

    when ever i am posting any scrap error give: "The content you're posting looks like spam, so it's being sent to the recipient's spam folder. Surprised? Keep your computer clean by running an anti-virus program. You can get one with the Google Pack." i can't understand ? I Have fully...
  14. raksrules

    Who Is Prerana ???

    I am getting mails daily from someone named Prerana whose email id is from thinkdigit. Is it a SPAM BOT ???
  15. MetalheadGautham

    Report Spammers!

    Due to the 180 second wait, its becoming hard to catch spammers by reporting their posts. People often end up reporting the same post multiple times since may report the same thing and waste their 180 second quota. So I am starting this thread exclusively for reporting spammers. Just name the...
  16. M

    WTF!! Too Much SPAM in Digit

    WTF!!! Too Much SPAM in Digit :mad: I am not sure whether these SPAMS are from SPAM BOTS or From Real Humans who just register here to SPAM, Get Banned and Re-Register Again and Again. I haven't seen any other popular technology forums dealing with so many SPAM messages on a daily basis. :mad...
  17. M

    Amazing SPAM Message... LOL

    Amazing SPAM Message... LOL :D This message is being sent to more than 500+ people (Yeah! The e-mail Text contained tons of E-mail Addresses). For privacy reasons i have removed the e-mail addresses. Check this message now and see how Indians gets lure of money. Click to Enlarge and Auto...
  18. naveen_reloaded

    WTF ?? Is yahoo hacked ???

    hi all.. i was today taken back by few things which happened... first ... one of my friends on my yahoo messenger ... gave a message... which was like ...full of medical related spam... i thought.. ok a random one.. he could have logged in somewhere and could have landed with being sent...
  19. A

    Email Account in SPAM Mailers list

    Hi, Anybody knows how to remove email account from spam lists? Whenever I send any new email message from my gmail account, they are always treated as SPAM. Is there is any solution for this? Thanks, Amar Narkhede
  20. shaunak

    How does one get spam SMS's to stop?

    I keep receiving spam SMSes from some guy trying to sell slim sauna belts and other junk. Any idea how I can get it to stop? Can I complaint to some authority? The SMSes arrive from the number: 9918005540 This obviously has to be a VOIP switch. Any idea who hosts this? I could try...
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