2 users, in Mum & Gzb, make India 7th biggest spammer


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Source: 2 users, in Mum & Gzb, make India 7th biggest spammer - ET CISO
India sent out 7.8 billion spam emails in the past 24 hours, making it the seventh biggest spammer in the world, up three places since the beginning of the month. And it has been pushed largely by two users — one in Mumbai and another in Ghaziabad — realtime email and spam data by Cisco’s cybersecurity wing Talos Intelligence show. Over the past month, the volume of spam from India has grown 45% while the volume of email went down 20%.

The Mumbai-based user is the second biggest spammer in the world as of Tuesday, right behind two users in emerging cybercrime hub Vietnam, and started operating at the end of last month. “The IP has only recently started sending mails,” internet security technology company Cyren’s IP check said, flagging it. Four places behind it in the global spam rankings is another Indian user, from Ghaziabad, who had no email activity till July 22. In five days, its email volume went up 2000% over the previous month’s average. The IP’s email reputation is poor, “a problematic level of threat activity … email traffic is likely to be filtered or blocked”, according to Talos.

By itself, a spike in the number of emails is not alarming. “A jump in email activity alone can mean a number of things. For example, it could be a new legitimate service, it could be someone who has a machine that has been compromised, but it could also be someone sending malicious messages, intentionally, for profit,” Craig Williams, director of outreach for Cisco Talos, told TOI.

In terms of email volume, no Indian IP address figures in the top 100. But when it comes to spam, the two Indian IP addresses are among the top 10 in the world. They have, in fact, been flagged by other cybersecurity agencies as well for snowshoe spam — in which spam is spread out over several domains and IP addresses to avoid detection — which would mean the actual volume of malicious mails sent out is much higher.

For June last year, the share of spam in global email traffic was under half, 46%. Now, riding the coronavirus-themed attack wave, it is 85%. Malware generation from the country has also been high. Six IP addresses in India made India the world’s fourth biggest malware sender as of Tuesday. All of them are on the same network in Bengaluru. It’s high volume — one of them was the fifth highest sender of malware in the world for a few hours on Tuesday.

All of them picked up over the past week, unlike malware generators in other countries.

Finally a top record by India in cyberspace other than social media :lol:

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P.S. which Bengaluru ISP do you think it is.


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I would be surprised if the ISP used wasn't BSNL.
Don't bet on it, I remember a very funny comment I read long back about sbi yono app on playstore. It said something like this "5 star app.It is so difficult to login to this app & transfer your own money that people like Mallya & Nirav won't be able to run away with bank's money". I don't think bsnl network is capable enough to allow making such a record.
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