your take on the new Anti Spam policy from TRAI?


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I know most of you people will say its just a waste of time and effort, but still. As you must be know TRAI is going through a process of registering the marketing companies so they they will get a specific number from which we will get those SPAM SMSes if we are not in Do Not Disturb (DND) list.

Also we know that this process has been delayed from months. But i just realized one very bad side effect of this system, IF at all this really brings an end to SPAM SMSes.

Lets just say that you are in DND list and you get regular SMS updates from your bank for your credit card transactions. you will not see this as spam, but the new policy will require the bank to adhere with the new policy.

This way you either have to totally stop all SMS alerts you personally want or DeRegister yourself from the DND list altogether. What use this that?

many people who have activated SMS updates from facebook for example will notice that FB wants you to remove yourselves from the DND to get further SMS updates from them. there should be a middle way to get certain SMSes besides NOT opening the flood gates for all SPAM

I hope people understand what I mean. whats your take on this?


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"Get spammed or go back to stone age". That is what this new rule means. We should get an option to allow SMS from trusted sources.


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this is absurd. yes I have also received sms from FB asking my number to be removed from the DND. this is really bad.sometimes I have to depend on smses from FB to receive updates from my friends.
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