1. panacea_amc

    Realtek Audio AC 97 Problem

    Hello all, i have just installed win xp service pack 2 on my computer with mother board Original intel DG31PR. just then when i tried installing my Realtek audio AC 97 sound card drivers, it gave a some driver installation error..i tried installing in Safe Mode, but it was of no help..i...
  2. D

    My Computer issues

    whenever i open My Computer,and try to double click on any of my drives, an Open With window opens up everytime. I use Windows XP SP2.
  3. R

    System Restarts When Trying To Install Avast...

    I am running Windows XP Pro SP2.. i downloaded Avast Home Edition, latest, from their site... When i click on the installer, the system restarts without any error message etc. I have just reinstalled the OS, and Avast was the first application i was tying to install after the fresh installation...
  4. S

    folder name not displaying in C drive of windows sp2

    on reinstalling windows sp2, all the c drive folders are showing but without any name....in the explorer bar ,the name is coming. is there any other other than completely formatting the system and reinstalling the system once again?
  5. channabasanna

    Maximum Hard Disk capacity detected

    Hi All, Can i know what is the maximum Hard disk capacity that a windows xp disk can detect, not the sp2 disk. When i used that normal xp disk for my 320GB Sata HDD it just showed 120GB and did not detect the other 80GB IDE HDD, but when i used my XP with SP2 disk i could see all the hard...
  6. MetalheadGautham

    How do I slipstream windows xp service pack 3 iso into windows xp sp2 CD ?

    I have a small question regarding microsoft windows xp: I need to slipstream MS XP SP3 into my MS XP Professional CD which is already having SP2. I currently have a Microsoft Windows XP SP2 CD and I need to create another windows xp CD that has SP3 in it, (or atleast an ISO). I need to do a...
  7. mannuforall

    XP SP2 Setup Problem-need quick help!

    My system: Intel 2.66ghz, 256ram, 845 mb, 80gb sata, I've XP SP2 installed in, but after a virus attack, I delete virus files detected by avast 4.8. But when restart my system it unable to boot. So I decided to reinstall XP. I delete old XP and format c: then install fresh XP. NOW problem is...
  8. D

    Problem with xp sp2

    I have a Machine with P4 Processor (2.4 Ghz), 512 Mb of RAM, 40 GB of HDD, DVD RW. When i try to install windows xp sp2 on my PC it easily complete file copying but after reboot it hang on loading. I have formatted my computer many times but the problem occurs every time. But When i...
  9. 047

    Free WinXp sp2 cd from Microsoft!!!

    Is it true that microsoft is offering free winxp sp2 cd? Now plz tell me - is there any truth in below information? go here and u can get free cd. *www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/updates/sp2/cdorder/en_us/default.mspx plz tell me what does it mean? Will they charge anything from...
  10. Patriot

    Cant install nero 7 premium on sp2??

    when installing nero 7 premium on sp2 windows it says that i have to have the directx9c, but i've tried everything and dx9c wont get installed on sp2. its shows dx9b everytime while running dxdiag cmd :mad: How do i install nero 7,im so pissed...
  11. T

    Handycam not detected...

    Hi guys! I have a sony hadycam HC42e. I am trying to connect it with a firewire cable. It has worked before with this cable. But now its not getting detected. What can be the problem? I have xp home (no sp2) as os. Previously when it worked I had xp professional with sp2. Now is this creating a...
  12. latino_ansari

    Help Installing XP SP2..

    I have a compaq laptop woth following config.... Intel Dual Core 1.66ghz intel mobile 965 with integrated graphics... 160gb SATA HDD etc.... It came with vista... But i want to install XP SP2.... So when i try to install XP SP2 through bootable CD it displays that no HDD is present... The...
  13. R

    windows xp bootable cd

    how can i make or create a bootable cd for my myself for windows xp sp2?
  14. bkpeerless

    problem with the club

    I just installed the club after starting the game exactly after 4- 5 mts the game closes and i am send to the desktop. There as no problem with the installation and i have the latest driver also wit xp sp2 then what is the problem.. I am not getting any error also plz help
  15. S

    Can not see Hindi font on aajtak

    Hindi Font is not visible on Aajtak.com inspite of required font installed, pls help Configuration: Windows XP SP2, Pentium D 820, DDR2 512 MB, Firefox 2.0 Works well on IE7
  16. hrushij

    Folder Locked?? ..pls hlp..!!

    Hi..friends.. This time i am in great trouble.. In Xp I had made my folder privte...Now suddenly my system crashed..And I have installed new XP..SP2..Now It shows me "access denide" for that folder..!!:( please...help me..!! Thx in advance...
  17. soumya

    My friend is having a little problem with his OS [XP]

    My friend is having a problem with his OS [XP]. The problem is that the boot menu has become the F8 menu, and whenever he is choosing 'Start XP normally', the computer is restarting. No success with all the other menu options,including safe mode. I have even tried repairing the os with the xp...
  18. S

    Installing Oracle 8.0

    hii frnds, i'm trying to instal oracle 8.0 but unable to do so... i've attached the jpg file of the error.. my sys config is 1.6 ghz p4 128 mr ddr windiws xp professional sp2 waitin 4 ur reply geeks..... Saurav
  19. MetalheadGautham

    Windows Queries

    I have a few questions about Microsoft Windows versions. Many look too Old now, and seem n00bish. But Since I bought my computer when I knew nothing about one, and mine came with Win XP Pro SP2 preinstalled and no CD of the OS(you know what I mean..;)), I am unaware about these stuff: 1. What's...
  20. N

    Sp2 Or Sp1 Followed By Sp2??

    For Windows XP, is it necessary to load SP1 and the SP 2 or is it enough to load SP2 directly after fresh installation of Windows XP??? Thanx
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