1. R

    How to remove cookies

    I wish to rid my desktop of cookies like yieldmanager, fastclick, doubleclick etc. What good free software should I use, and also steps to be taken to prevent such nuisance. I am having Win XP(P) SP2 and MS Office 2003. How harmful are these cookies ?
  2. G

    Problem, Please Help

    Recently my PC was attacked by virus and since I had no other way I opted for formatting my hard drive. Now I have reinstalled XP with SP2. Now the problem is that after the installation of SP2 my USB port does not work, I tried 'Help & Support' center but that was in vain. The problem gets...
  3. sushan

    Install of any other OS over Win Xp sp2

    i have win xp sp2 on my desktop pc and i would like to install any other OS in my system;which Osystem is better? I have 895 MB of RAM; duo 2 processor@E2180@2.0 ghz P4MSI mobo P4m900 v1.0;is it better to get win xp sp2 at one drive and other OS another drive; it doesnot create conflicts each...
  4. Y

    how to make xp bootable perndrive

    friends plz guide me how to make bootable xp with sp2 pendrive
  5. hskpunjabi

    how to integrate sata hard disk drivers+(xp) sp3 to my xp-sp2 using nlite

    hi friends ,i am new to nlite, i have win xp sp2 running well, but each time i reinstall it ,all updates are required again.could u help me to use nlite for integrating sp3+sata Hd drivers to existing xp-sp2. where to download sata drivers,i have maxter 250 gb sata n' samsung 80 gb ide and sp2...
  6. choudang

    Urgent Help

    Dear All, From last two days .. i am going thru a strange problem. let me tell you the earlier incident of that. I had a PC with P4 HT on D865 intel mobo, which was got damaged. My bro replaced the same with 845 mobo which was working fine with XP (with sp), but a lot a apps are not getting...
  7. soumya

    Vista SP2 Build 16489 released to testers

    Microsoft has released an early beta build of Vista SP2 to testers according to those familiar with the beta program. In a posting to The Hotfix forums, members have claimed that Microsoft have released a batch file which enables the SP2 download from Windows Update. The download weighs in at...
  8. krates

    Widcomm bluetooth drivers do not work in XP SP2

    Widcomm bluetooth drivers do not work in XP SP2 whereas the bluetooth device works fine in ubuntu in XP it is showing me bluetooth device not found
  9. D

    Midtown Madness Problem

    Hi ! i can not run Midtown Madness on this Config-- Gigabyte P35 S3G C2D E 7200 2 GB Transcend 800 450 w PSU 160 GB Seagate, 160 GB WD Windows XP SP2 Viewsonic 19 inch. Please advise where could be the Problem. Dr Amit Delhi
  10. P

    PC doesnt start.

    Whenever i turn on the pc , i get the error mesaage " Error loading operating system" . Even the xp sp2 cd doesnt start. Pls Help me in recovering my system.
  11. windchimes

    Best Online Virus Scan?

    Can you specify me the best online/malware scan available? OS is WINXP SP2.
  12. hayabusa_ryu

    A Very Urgent Help Needed Regarding Open Suse 11 And Hard Drive

    HELLO FRIENS, sorry if I have posted in wrong section but I m very tense. I have installed open suse 11 provided with digit after installing xp sp2. what I found is that I have shrinked all my partition to 1/3 of the original size due to suse 11 since I have never worked on linux I think it...
  13. Pearl Groupz

    Error Coming While Installing Vista Transformation 8.1

    please solve it... I use xp with sp2 512+128 mb ddr with p4
  14. G

    steps to install Opensus11

    Windows XP SP2 installed already on my PC. How to install opensus11 on my PC so that I will have access to both OS.
  15. chitvan

    can i install SuSE 11 with XP sp2 & Ubuntu 8.04?

    i have Ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron & win XP sp2 in my system..now i want to try Suse 11, can i install SuSE 11 without loosing my Ubuntu 8.04?
  16. Ypschita

    Win XP SP2 Queries

    Hi, 1. I would like to find out the installation key of the XP2 installed in my machine. How to go about it? 2. I want to keep a backup of the entire XP + SP2 installation in my PC so that in case of any problem I can use the same to repair the system. Please advice how to go about it...
  17. M

    Resolution issue on ViewSonic VA1703w

    Hi Guyz . I can not get 1440x900 on my ViewSonic VA170w LCD :( Althought I can have 1400 x 1050 and even 1600 x 900 but not 1440 x 900 . I tried to install driver of my viewsonic LCD , after driver installation I even cant get more than 1280 x . Any help ??? I am using WindowsXP SP2 ...
  18. piyush.ml20

    hibernate & system restore not appearing in windows xp sp2

    i am using amd athlon dual core 2.5 ghz with asus m2npv-vm motherboard socket - am2. i have installed windows xp sp2 on my computer but hibernate & system restore options are not appearing in windows. is my hardware not compatible or it is windows problem.
  19. P

    amvo.exe error(might be malicious code)

    a few days ago, i found a file amvo.exe in the startup files of my os(windows xp sp2), so i tried to delete it, but it couldnt find it in the system32 folder. the path was : c\windows\system32\amvo.exe. since then, the computer slowed down and i couldnt open the search option, see any hidden...
  20. T

    how can i stop my computer from restarting automatically

    my os is xp sp2 plz help......its urgent......
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