1. jamyang312

    how to make a legal backup copy of windows xp sp2 Cd?

    please tell me how can i backup my windows xp sp2 Cd?i am going to use it for my own purpose only.I have tried nero6 but it cannot make a copy of it.I have one combo drive. :(
  2. C

    Which is Better for Skinning...

    Whadda u think which one is better for WinXP Skinning... Windows Blind.... Style XP... Talisman Desktop... Points to Notice... * It should have a large selection of skins... * No Compatibility problems with sp2 * What it can do other than skinning... * It should take less...
  3. srikrsna

    Is there any way to integrate softwares with windows XP SP2

    Help Me
  4. __Virus__

    Slipstreaming all the updates

    Hi All, I have downlaoded and saved all the udpates from MS both for Xp Sp1 and Xp Sp2. How do i stream it and burn on to a disk to prevent seperate install next time. I slipstreamed sp2 with no probs. These small updates are too much.
  5. P


    Does any body know the website for downloading all hotfixes for sp2 . if so plz help.
  6. bhunnu16

    How to install Fedora Core 2?

    I have a problem installing fedora 2 since I am new to Linux. Can anybody tell me How will I make a root directory? I have two 40GB ATA hard disks. Master has 3 partitions- first and second of 9.5 GB and third one 19GB. I have windows XP SP2 already installed in first partiton i.e. C:
  7. g_goyal2000

    MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) on WinXP SP2

    Which is the latest version of MDAC I can install on WinXP SP2? I know SP2 contains MDAC but it seems that an application has removed MDAC from my computer. So I wanna know which latest version should I install.
  8. nishant_nms

    Drivers for Win XP SP2

    I have K8M800 based motherboard. I am using Windows XP but when I got SP2 Cd from Microsoft I installed it and now my windows became SP2(means i have two CDs one of XP and another of SP2). Now I am thinking of formating my drive and install XP then Sp2 cd and then the drivers for the mobo and i...
  9. C

    Windows XP SP2 + DirectX 9.0C Problem

    Hi guys, Is there any way to update the directX present in the Win XP SP2 i.e directx 9.0b to directx 9.0c...????? When i try to install the directx 9.0c, it says that installation is complete. but in the directx screen it still show 9.0b. :? :? :? Many apps require specifically...
  10. A

    Windows XP Media Centre for whom?

    Can somebody explain what are the gains of WMC? I am using Win XP with SP2 for quite sometime. Will I gain any advantage by installing WMC?
  11. C

    Windows xp service pack2 problem

    Hello there! I am using windows xp proffessional and i have a dial up connection(56 kbps modem). I generally get an average of 46 kbps. But after i installed this service pack 2 my internet speed went down terribly to 31.2 kbps. It never goes above it neither comes down.I tried uninstalling sp2...
  12. N

    W2K SP2

    I recently upgraded to W2K. Everything's fine. Then I got SP2 n things got weird. Like this: I shutdown and switch power off (switchboard). I switch power on (from switchboard) and comp starts automatically without me touching the "power on" button on cpu. What's happening?
  13. N

    software compatibility

    Guys / Moderator PLZ Help me i have asrology software which requires win 98 how to run this software on winxp sp2 narendra43@gmail.com
  14. D

    [b]Problem during installation of the service pack 2[/b]

    System configuration:- AMD Athlon(tm)XP 2400+ 2.00 GHz 224 MB of RAM WinXP with SP1 Problem:- My problem is that the SP2 does not get installed properly. It gives an error that the file 'tcptest' is not available and the installation cannot be completed. The same problem exist both on...
  15. S

    system resources for XP SP1 and SP2

    i have a p3,700MHZ, (RAM 128) System running with XP SP1. The performance is ok not that slow.(but not so fast as well,ok) The computer keeps on being attacked by some virus every time i log in to the computer. i have AV(Macfee,AVG),firewall,spybot S&D So may be updating from SP1 TO SP2 may...
  16. choudang

    IE Validation [G.M.P.]

    today, when i trying to install IE7 its asking for the genuine microsoft validation. it goes for the validation page and retun with some error. after few more try its come with a msg that this product is not a genuine microsoft product. i'm using XP prof SP2 [integrated], after that installtion...
  17. A


    Hey ppl please help me.. i wante to know how to integrate all fixes into one file like the sp2 installation files.. I have all updates after sp2 in single files and have to install them one by one when formatting or reinstalling windows... so plz help me..
  18. L

    help me asap, what is this?

    hi, when i try to copy a file from 1 dir to other dir, it says this, i hav attached the image file... i ran an online virus check, dint get any virus detected? then wats the problem? my system behaves so weird, i guess this is the reason... does any one know abt this? and i hav atatched the...
  19. go4saket

    How to Uninstall Windows Firewall in Windows XP SP2???

    Hello Friends! I am having Windows XP SP2 as my OS. At the time when I installed SP2, I didnt had any Firewall installed in my computer, the reason why I think Windows Firewall automatically got installed. Now I have Zone Alarm installed in my computer as a Firewall. Now what should I do to...
  20. P


    Hi, I ve got a new broadband connection at home and running windows XP(without sp2). Can anyone suggest a good firewall which can downloaded for free? I heard that the SP2 pack in Win XP has and supports this..as i ve got a pirated version of it...sp2 doesnt support. pls help. :roll:
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