Yahoo sms free service, is it realiable?

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Search does not give me any results so I tried myself free yahoo sms service, do anyone use this is it reliable & send messages to all kind of networks across India?

Any other free & reliable service?

I tried sending to kolkata airtel & it tells me that
Phone number XXXXXXXXXXXX cannot receive SMS messages at this time.
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Abhishek Dwivedi
yahoo is crap...only airtel n vodafone wrks on yahoo....


Tribal Boy
Personally I prefer not to use any web sites. Yahoo may be reliable, but whenever we try sending sms through a website, they get a very good database of valid numbers which they can (they may not be using) use for marketing purposes.

While the SMS rates are very low for most service providers, why relie on yahoo or any other sites ?

Sorry, just my opinion.


rediffbol works like a charm

but sadly it restricts u to 2 sms/day per number :(

but u can make mutiple accounts say :p


n then can send more smses to single number :D


Cyborg Agent
Reason for using a free sms service is 2 fold.

1. its free.
2. I am too slow typing on mobile, I can do it quite fast on the comp, sometimes I have to send sms which r long & I end up calling rather then sending SMS.

Is rediff sms free 2 per day?
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