Need Info abt Airtel top ups for lifetime

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I hav recently bought Airtel Lifetime Rs 495

I need to know how much the 1 paise SMS top up costs.It generally costs Rs 45 for non-lifetime users and when i asked retailer for it he says that it doen't apply for lifetime users.I was shocked y it doen't apply.

He said to contact customer care on my mobile and using 121 i was unable to speak with with any of the airtel guys.

Guys plz tell me abt the Airtel lifetime 1 paise SMS top ups
Is anything like this available in Mumbai?
<Apart from the SMS49 scheme, i m fed up trying to get that one activated on my cell>
^^ Here, in Mumbai, Airtel has a messaging scheme called SMS49, wherein you can send 2000 messages for Rs. 49 (National and Local).

I was saying that i am unable to activate it on my cell.


Broken In i had a top up for .49 paise call to any mobile and .98 to any landline.It was Rs 50 for non lifetime users and t was Rs 97 for lifetime users

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Coz I have heard a lot from my friends that top-ups donot work on lifetime here in delhi...
dunno whether high price for same thing is applicable here in delhi also...


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well, at least here in bangalore the 1ps/sms scheme doesn't apply to lifetime users. check wid customer care or airtel website.


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some time back i had lifetime on + 50ps/call for rs1.5 per day and 2000 sms per month for 49rs.. That was too good


Only a few schemes are provided by all companies on life time plans. so don't expect to get all the benefits on lifetime card which ar provided to regular users.
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