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First let me tell you I am not advertising or giving referall links. :D (This note is for those who report threads even before reading it.)

Just found this site h##p://
It gives you option to send unlimited free SMSs. Yes,,, thats right unlimited... and the reciever will see your original mobile's number when he will recieve that SMS.

First you will have to register on site by using your mobile number. And tell your friends to register too. [Its a must, but its free naa ;-)]
Then you can use the service right on...

I sent 20 SMSs in just 12 minutes...:cool: . You can even send free SMSs from your mobile through a Java App.:cool:

Whats more... If you have a lots of friends (or a lots of mobiles:D ) you can even earn K points by referrals to win prizes like iPod or a Nokia 6131.
Even if you don't have mush friends or you hate referrals you can still earn K points by Participating in Surveys and Contests.

So happy SMSing and earning K points.

[Note : This free SMS service is ad supported. But who cares :p ]


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It means they offer a software through which you can send sms from your mobile for free.

You forgot to tell that recipient must be a mobik number. We can't send sms to just any number in the world.
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Phew .. "FREE" does excite everyone, but I believe that by giving out your phone number will affect privacy. Ad supported means our numbers are given to 3rd party. who knows that 3rd party guy can sell it to another guy to make a quick buck.

People ask for "Do not call" service and blast the operator for sending SPAM SMS. then apply for ad supported stuff who inturn will send more Ads/SPAMS


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This is a spam, buddy. I have tried this site and it is that they will urge you to get referrals(our mobile numbers may be needed by them) and one will get some "K' s. Later on you can exchange these "k"s for goodies like iPods etc. This is nothing but spam.


I knew about this since quite some time and have already used it successfully... The only problem is that you can have only 80 char (as to what i remember) and the rest is being used for advertisement. So thats quite short. Moreover, you can only send to pple who already are registered with it...


i have tried many,
but i found only 1 working,, which has now become atrochatro , only it and messangers can send sms with around 90 % confidence to reach. tried it on hutch gujarat.[now Vodaphone :D]
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