Citibank $ucks!

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I previously had a citibank credit card for which I cleared all dues and after that I have not used it since. I am happy with my ICICI bank credit card. It was not that I had any complaints with citibank, only that as I had another card with higher credit limit, I did not use the citibank one.

Topic is not related to above. Main point is citibank tried to shove me a credit card out of nowhere recently inspite of the fact that I never applied for the same. I told the courier company who tried to deliver me the same to return the card to the place where it came from. Following are the sequence of events:

On 30th august, I receive this SMS: *Citialert* Thanks for applying to Citibank. The reference number is XXXXXXXXXXX. If you do not hear from us in 21 days, please call....(what the hell?!!!)

On 31st august, I receive this SMS: *Citialert* Congratulations, your application for citibank credit card is approved. Your card XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX would be reach you in the next 5 days. (???!!!!)

On 2nd september, I receive this SMS: *Citialert* Your citibank card XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX has been despatched via bluedart vide AWB # XXXXX. Contact local blue dart if undelivered in 48 hours.

What do they think of themselves? I never applied for a citibank card and they have the atriocity to send me a credit card without my approval. I have promptly told the courier company to return the card to where it came from. I hope I did the right thing. What do you think? Have any of you guys had a similar scam/predicament with a private bank?


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^^Did you call up Citibank itself? maybe this is the handiwork of the credit card agents that throng outside our offices??
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