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  1. A

    my gaming problem with intel core 2 duo

    hi i have a lenovo n200 core 2duo 1gb ram laptop. while i play howzzat cricket or cityville, my system gets very slow and some times switches off suddenly. wats the issue with my laptop? please help me
  2. Ironman

    Memory Card (MicroSD) Card Question about smartphone

    I have purchased a Neo V according to You guys Suggestions now i am in search for a Memory card , NOW , Q1: Most Vendors are telling me that it supports upto 32 gb only and they are recommending me not put 32 gb memory card in it , or else it will slow it down and eventually will get more...
  3. RiGOD

    Trouble configuring router!!!

    1.I have a Linksys WRH54G router. The hardware connections are all fine. But while configuring the default password is asked again and again even if I type it (the manual says that the dafault password is admin). Even the web setup won't help. 2.The connection speed has reduced after...
  4. P

    need help from any htc one x owner.

    im planning to buy the one x. but i have concerns about the battery life. how many hours does it give on normal day to day usage? and heavy usage?..also the second thing im worried about is that i keep hearing about the one x crashing and hanging frequently. is this true? does it get laggy and...
  5. G

    My system is working very slow....

    hello all ... my system have dont know what is problem?? system is working very slow... system have 1.6ghz process, 512MB RAM, 160GB HD. intel dual core process... want to know that what is problem with my system and how can i solve thi sproblem??? Thanks..
  6. Nanducob

    Slow internet connection

    Hi i have a bsnl 32KBPS connection.I am not able to view the webpages,it takes about 10 minute to load a webpage and sometimes never.it started 4 days ago and ive tried ie,opera and firefox,still its slow.i am not downloading anything like torrents etc.however i am able to play online games like...
  7. theserpent

    Does installing original os make your computer slow?

    My computer person told that you should not install original Win 7 because its not good and will slow dowb your pc.Pirated version is better he said,It wont slow down.But i dont belive him original is better right?
  8. D

    Huawei Ideos U 8150 is this a good buy

    Huawei Ideos U 8150 for 4499 rupees nCarry.com - Buy Huawei Ideos U 8150 online at best price in India -See photos, specifications, features & more i know its a slow processor ,low ram 256 buy considering the cost 4499 is this a good buy
  9. M

    Anyone with 880gm-usb3 using 1600 mhz DDR3

    hey guys i have corsair vengeance memory 8gb but is working in 1333mhz .my ques is how to change the ram speed to 1600 mhz and also pls specify timings? i also feel that my computer is little slow in start up and in operation is quite slow .Programs are also slower .I also got BSOD first time...
  10. D

    Motorola: Very slow charger

    Stock charger supplied with my Motorola Fire Xt is a 5V 550mAh micro USB charges. It is very slow and takes almost 3.5 hours to charge phone. 1. Is this a normal duration. I guess so with ratings. 2. Do we have a fast charger option from motorola or third Party - does such fast charger...
  11. Piyush

    Problem in opera 11.60

    Does anyone else also having problems with latest opera like: -->freezing -->not responding -->very slow transition between tabs shifting -->slow page navigation on resource heavy web sites(too much of web graphics and all) -->slow response with 8-10 active tabs The previous build was...
  12. ajayritik

    Android related issues discussion thread.

    My LG Optimus Net as become very slow. Just couple of months since I bought it.
  13. I

    there is same folder with .vbs extension in every folder

    in my computer there is folder with same name as the parent folder with .vbs exstension. i have scanned the whole computer with AVG internet security 2011. but nothing found during the scan. my system also become very slow. please help me how to solve this problem. thanks in advance. Ishan...
  14. ritvij

    very slow bootup + unnecessary hangs + slow splash screen = ???

    my dell xps 15 laptop with following config: i3 380M 2.53 Ghz 4 gb ddr 3 nvidia gt420m 1 gb it remained on for nearly 5 days..(was trying to download mw3 on a 512 Kbps) when i finally put it to sleep and next day resumed it, it took half an hour to show the desktop and hung.. while...
  15. S

    Hard drive too slow

    My hard drive os too slow when on normal mode but it runs ok on safe mode. But in normal mode its too slow always hangs.What is problem
  16. Blue Ripazah

    pc running slow

    hi i have intel core i3 540 gigabyte h55md2h 2gb corsair ram 500 seagate the issue is my pc is running very slow .......the boot screen takes a long time sometimes even more than 3-4 mins i am not able to understand the problem ....please help me in making it run properly
  17. A

    Advice on My PC Build?

    I am in desperate need of an upgrade from my current machine and after reading multiple guides I think I'm up to building my own. Needless to say, this is my first build draft so don't be too harsh on me. I have a budget of around 800 pounds ($1200 to you Americans) but this is flexible. If I...
  18. P

    Slow 3g internet thru mobile modem in Laptop or pc

    Hi, I am using BSNL 3g , as per i informed that it gives up-to 2 mbits speed thru 3g dongle in my area I have 3 3g Phones 1 nokia 2. samsung hero 3213 3. zen mobile india A60 In all mobile i get only 148Kbits or 15 Kb max speed no matter i m using bluetooth or wired connection speed do not...
  19. T

    Sufficient RAM

    I have an ASUS Laptop. configuration- 2nd gen i7-2670QM 750GB hdd 4GB RAM 1GB Nvidia geforce GT 520MX Original windows 7 But my laptop is very slow at startup also during work besides having such a good processor. Ithink due to such large hdd it is slow. How much more amount of RAM should...
  20. gameranand

    Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion problem

    Guys I was just playing this game and it was working fine but now something has gone wrong and my character is walking dead slow I mean slower than an ant and don't sprint at all. No I am not in stealth mode. Please give solution if you know.
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