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  1. maheshn

    My New Blu-Ray Writer

    Hello everyone, my brand new Blu-Ray Writer :-) LG WH14NS40 - purchased through a friend from Chennai. Cost 6600/- (No courier charges). (*for chennai-ites, not from Ritchie Street - from Parrys :wink: ) Please note even after resizing the images are around 2.6megs all together - sorry...
  2. Flash

    Size of an organism and its metabolic rate ∝ Life in small motion

    If you've ever sat puzzling over a fly's ability to outmaneuver your swift slap of death almost every. single. time—puzzle no more. According to science, you're just measly Agent Smith to the bug's Neo; new research shows that a creature's perception of time is directly related to its size...
  3. samudragupta

    slow usb3.0 transfer rate

    i recently got a WD 1tb hdd. the transfer rates are ridiculously slow. when i copy paste a file the transfer rate starts from 160mbps and then gradually drops to 30-40mbps... this happens with both large and small files. any help would be appreciated.
  4. Subhankar Mondal

    Pc virus

    The Quick Hills in my computer detects a potential threat and after that my PC is suddenly slow. What can I do now? Plz suggest.
  5. kARTechnology

    Help: PC very slow after cleaning, so slow to format with 7/8

    hi, as usual i cleaned my PC yesterday and it worked fine until that night. suddenly it switched off and started to reboot in a loop continuously(start-gigabyte logo- reboot) i switched off ups and turned it and it worked fine got 10minutes and again turned off as before i got frustrated and...
  6. flyingcow

    PCSX2 Help

    Hello, this is my first time im using a ps2 emulator, I have used GBA emulators before, but I am now having trouble in PCSX2 I have installed it and everything, the bios etc I have setup the configs etc too. Now the problem is my games run slowly ( I use DVD) I tried making an iso of the cd...
  7. harshilsharma63

    Convert nrw to jpeg

    Hi, I have a Nokia x2 00 which saves images taken with its camera in nrw format and then keeps on processing then to jpeg's in background. The problem is that due to this processing, after clicking 24 photos continusly, the camera becomes really slow, so slow that that it takes 34 s between two...
  8. D

    Which sata port for hdd

    i am currently using Intel H67BL as MB and WDC WD10EARX-00PASB0 Model as HDD. according to specs by company the hdd delivers a rate of high data transmission but my Hdd is running really slow. so is it caused by any wrong sata port to which i connected my HDD or any other reason. Help...
  9. N

    Problem with Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM001 2 TB

    I got new system 1 year back with specs are as follow- Windows 7 64-Bit system Intel i5 2500k 3.30 GHz Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 Zotac Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti AMP edition Corsair Vengeance DDR3 4 GB x 2 Seagate ST3500418AS ATA 500 GB (my old HDD around 4 years old) with power supply Cooler Master...
  10. ax3

    Internet Speed too slow with fresh windows 7 ultimate 64 bit !!!

    Earlier was using XP, now installed 7 64bit on my new hdd. bt the net speed is very slow checked with XP. am using triband. XP had an trick 2 avoid using some reserved % of net, is it also in 7 ? plz do let me know. any pages on forum abt tips & tricks on win 7 ? Thanx
  11. Charley

    Which is the BEST DNS for Dataone Baoadband

    I'm using 61.1.96.xx & 61.1.96.xx, but since Dec 1, broadband is very slow. I have UL 750 plan. What are you guys using for DNS ?
  12. I

    Internet Very Slow

    Hello, I m a newbie here. I m facing this problem for few days. My web browsers are very slow when it comes to opening any site. Web page loading has become so slow that it reminds me of the 10yr back dial up connection (24k). but when i download any file from network (videos/songs etc.) it...
  13. clmlbx

    Finally how is Galaxy s3?

    Here is the story I have been waiting for my first android for months now.. why because I wished to buy best flagship phone.. and wanted to buy sony.. but unfortunately... sony is too slow.. still no news for TX launch date in India.. Just talked to sony guy in it's store.. they have not even...
  14. A

    My Acer netbook is driving me crazy

    I got Acer Aspire netbook, atom processor, 1 GB RAM, it was working good up till 2 days back and now its gone slow and unresponsive. I am not able to open anything in it....... it gets hang when i try to open anything. Help me out please
  15. bubusam13

    Will 2TB HDD show down my PC ?

    Hi Guys, I am upgrading my PC and I seriously need a good capacity HDD since I am presently having a Seagate 80GB HDD :P 6 years old. My foremost preference is storage space. So I am thinking of buying a 2TB HDD at about 6.6 K from Flipkart. But I read that 2 TB HDDs are slow and having 5600...
  16. happy17292

    Slow pendrive - Kingston Datatraveler G3 16GB

    I bought this pendrive few days back Kingston 16GB Pen Drive (White & Dark Blue) | Online Shopping Store in India its painfully slow :( just 2.5MB/s write speed and 13MB/s read. is there any way to increase its write speed ? :-x i have formatted it using NTFS system with 16kb file...
  17. R

    Crysis 2 on 3D TV?

    I like playing games on my Xbox. But when I switch on the 3D mode the images flicker all the time; also the refresh rate is slow. Any suggestions?
  18. G

    Ubuntu is slow ??

    I recently installed Ubuntu 12.04 alongside Windows XP , and unlike what i thought of it, Ubuntu is quite slow and has bugs. I didn't expect these normal bugs from this Open Source OS. Like after clicking on any icon in the Dock, it doesn't open and i click it two times then two copies of the...
  19. ajayritik

    Can I expand my internal memory to 8GB for my LG Optimus Net

    I was just wondering if I can upgrade my existing SD Card which is 2 GB to 8 GB in my LG Optimus Net. I heard earlier that if we upgrade to anything higher the Mobile becomes slow etc. And is there any max limit upto which I can upgrade. Also any suggestions on brand etc?
  20. samudragupta

    battlefield 2 update issues

    hi friends i just managed to download BF2 via EA's origin and when launching the game i got a message to update the game. I did so and now im stuck on the screen file loader-00.fbrb. It seems to be very very slow...Is there any way i can manually download the update/patch or should i just wait...
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