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  1. *GandaBerunda*

    Vista is Deadly Slow :(

    I installed vista ultimate on my pc. here is my pc's config 1 Gb Ram 160 Gb HDD Nvedia 6200 But vista is damn slow, slower than xp running on a virus infected 64mb ram pc. I have installed it on dual boot with win xp pro. in G:\ with 18 gb space. Why is this happening? it's so slow tat it takes...
  2. Anindya

    Dual-Boot makes system slow?

    I have often heard that keeping a system in dual-boot makes it run slow. Plz tell me whether this is true or not? If yes then why?
  3. sourav

    Open DNS

    Anyone tried this. I went to opendns.com. They said that i will get fater net by using their following trick. Does tried that. I am using it now, i am able to say it is say (net is fast or slow)
  4. B

    Computer Slow

    I just upgrade my PC to 2.8 Dual Core and 865 Asus Motherboard. but my computer was really slow in boot process and other memory activity my HDD was build on 2001 it is Seagate, So there is any problem in HDD ??. My HDD was 40GB and 7200 rpm. I think there is a bad sector comes but when i scan...
  5. kkg_mjh

    HELP Regarding Airtel EDGE in PUNE

    well i want to know weather EDGE is available in Lohagaon area or not coz i'm getting a very slow speed can i get details where the EDGE services are available and yes I've EDGE enablled phone (Nokia 6020)
  6. napster007

    windows media player

    hey guys i'm running on p4 ht (3.00ghz) 768 mb of ram intel 915gl mobo. xp service pack 3. when i install wma11 its running like an elephant. so slow i'm fed up. all other processes are fine. plz tell me wat to do?
  7. A

    PC very slow

    My PC is running slow from the past 4-5 days. whenever i run a game it just dies. My pc runs fine if i run any application or movie. When i checked the system configuration utility i saw an entry "dumprep 0-k". Anywayz i unchecked it and restarted my PC and i am still facing slow speed issues. I...
  8. C

    Slow download speed between 2 to 8 A.M.(BSNL Broadband)

    Slow download speed between 2 to 8 A.M.(BSNL Broadban) I am having slow download speed(2 to 15 kbps) during 2 to 8 a.m..My broadband plan is HOME 500. my telephone exchange is Uttarpara.Does any one having same kind of problem.After 8 a.m. the download speed goes normal i.e. around 210 kbps.I...
  9. [A]bu

    Increase speed of modem

    I have a modem and it is very slow plz can any one can help me for increase the modem speed. If yes then how....
  10. iMav

    IE7 - Vista vs XP

    i dont know if its only me ... but i find a massive change in page loading speeds thru IE 7 when used in Vista and XP XP - very slow Vista - very fast y so ....?
  11. ::cyborg::

    ----<<<<hitman Blood Money >>>>----

    HI guys i having problem with blood money he game is so laggy that after decreasing the graphics to lower setting the game is able to played SO IS THERE ANY TWEAK I CAN DO TO PLAY GAME PROPERLY but that is very slow too :( :( i have amd athlon xp 2000 processor 384 mb ram...
  12. akshaykapoor_3

    Ubuntu 6.10 desktop-->HELP !!!!!

    hi guyz , today morning i downloaded Live CD of ubuntu 6.10 for desktop pc.. burnd d disk and made a boot .. I hav no working knowledge of Ubuntu...just tried it up coz i need to practice some unix commands on my pc. was told by a friend that i could do dat using this live cd thing.. yes i...
  13. skippednote

    Cricket problemo

    I have a ibm thinkpad z60t with 512 mb 70 gb and 128 mb inbuilt graphics . Recently uploaded ea cricket 2005. First it worked properly then it began to work fast when i restarted it became too slow. Then i reinstalled it but worked still slow.
  14. tarey_g

    Bullet time Vista

    This is fun , whatching the vista animations in slow motion when desired. Flip 3d and maximise/minimise animations in slow motion looks cool. This can be also handy to show off yor friends the visual goodness of Vista OS in a way cool manner. So what we have to do , 1. Open up Regedit...
  15. K

    Which is best?

    Hi Guys, I am in India. I would like to buy an Internet Security Software. Can you recommend me the cheap and best one out of your experience? The Software should consume more space,I mean, the System should not become slow on using the Software.
  16. s18000rpm

    Media Center Issue - Slow Movie Play

    hi guys, my cousin is having problem on his Microsoft Media Center (PC). when he plays any Movie (thru DVD or HDD), it plays very slow, but the same in other application works fine. (WinDVD player, WinAmp...) i'll update soon on his Config. till then any tips on what to do as basic...
  17. morpheusv6

    Slow Boot times

    I am running Windows Xp Professional with the latest updates (checked today). I am also having having Avast Free Antivirus, Lavasoft Adware Free, and Spyware Doctor. All updated. I have 2 x 80 GB Segate SATA HDDs with atleast 100 GB free in both drives. And AMD Athlon 64 bit 3500+, 1 GB...
  18. sourishzzz1234

    Slow Networking

    I have Intel Celerton 1.2Ghz Windows XP Pro SP2. Previously my computer showed quick search results and quick browsing. But since the last 6 months whenever i connect to the internet(broadband--1.5Gbps)things go vry slow . it takes a lot of time to load a page using any web...
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