Which is the BEST DNS for Dataone Baoadband


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I'm using 61.1.96.xx & 61.1.96.xx, but since Dec 1, broadband is very slow. I have UL 750 plan.

What are you guys using for DNS ?
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^^ they will get website name but not password. Password and bank detail are stored on your local machine in form of cookies while browsing, which can be easily deleted.
Some info from their dns page
What information does Google log when I use the Google Public DNS service?

Google Public DNS complies with
Google's main privacy policy, which
you can view at our Privacy Center. With Google Public DNS, we collect IP
address (only temporarily) and ISP
and location information (in
permanent logs) for the purpose of
making our service faster, better and
more secure. Specifically, we use this data to conduct debugging and to
analyze abuse phenomena. After 24
hours, we erase any IP information.
For more information, read the Google
Public DNS privacy page. Is any of the information collected
stored with my Google account? No.
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