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I m a newbie here. I m facing this problem for few days. My web browsers are very slow when it comes to opening any site. Web page loading has become so slow that it reminds me of the 10yr back dial up connection (24k).

but when i download any file from network (videos/songs etc.) it downloads with good speed (as expected and used to ..say 200-215 K )

what could be the issue ?



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Plan is 750 Rs unlimited

but with the same plan i used to surf very fast and watch Youtube videos without any problems. this problem is now for few days.. is it possible that the problem is with BSNL ?


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Try installing Adblock or something, sometimes the annoying ads steals much of your bandwidth.


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Yup this probably is the issue here. Change to or :)

but how can suddenly my DNS started giving me trouble. The one i used was provided by BSNL and was working just great.

btw.. these and are primary dns and secondary dns resp. ?


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Some times ISPs may have server fault etc
Changing DNS doesn‘t effect anything rather than better browsing experience

Yea you can choose either of two as primary or secondary.


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BSNL unlimited plan gives 200 kilo bytes per second download speed ???


at max for me its around 100 to 120 range when under the capped and 50 to 60 when over cap :(
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