1. nac

    Can I still use this Pendrive?

    I tried to play this video in my system, but mine couldn't handle it. Since I am gonna buy an i3 in the near future and also my cousin has an i3 laptop, I thought why not give it a try in his laptop and see i3's capability. We played the video, in less than a minute laptop shutdown on its own...
  2. B

    BSNL is shutting down EVDO services

    BSNL has announced the shutdown of CDMA Voice and EVDO data service. BSNL has cited poor performance, low revenue, and small customer base as reason for the shutdown of CDMA services. I was using EVDO data card for last 7 years. But now they only offer to migrate to 3g or broadband both are very...
  3. dharmil007

    Computer won't start after reboot/shutdown immediately, need to start again after 10-15 minutes

    The config : AMD Phenom X6 1055T Gigabyte gm UD2H WD 1TB BLACK Kingston 6GB DDR3 (4gbx1 & 2gbx1) ViP 400R plus (310W Maximum) Windows 7 and ubuntu 14.10 If i shutdown my computer and then start the computer immediately or restart it that n it wont boot up. All the fans would rotate...
  4. T

    PC turns on when motherboard is touched!

    Hi, My PC is MSI 790 chipset gaming mobo and AMD Phenom II X4 955 processor with 4GB RAM and Corsair VS450 PSU. I am facing a weird problem with my PC. When I power it on, the APS leds on the board lit, cpu fan rotates but no display. When I touch the edge of the board at a particular...
  5. A

    shutdown is longer after increasing ram

    Hi all, I have, motherboard-intel DH67CL processor- intel i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10 GHz ram- Corsair 8gb ddr3 1333mhz (4GB X 2) monitor- Viewsonic 19" LED 1366 x 768 cooler master smps 400w with circle cabinet I am using win7 -64bit My motherboard has the...
  6. A

    Problem with laptop shutdown process

    Hey All, I have a Dell laptop. I recently updated my graphics driver, to non OEM provided drivers(latest non beta AMD catalyst). I am facing a weird issue while giving the shutdown command, the laptop display turns off but the laptop itself doesn't shutdown, similarly while idling if the...
  7. theserpent

    US government shutdown

    U.S. government shutdown: What to expect if it happens - World - CBC News World economy is screwed
  8. V

    External HDD won't stop

    I have Seagate 2tb external hard disk. It won't stop spinning even after I shut down my computer. I use windows 8 and drive is connected to usb 3.0. please help Thanks
  9. V

    Power on Fans running but no boot no beep

    Hi , When i power on my desktop Cabinet fans are running , CPU fan is running , DVD writer & HDD is also getting power. But there is no booting... there is no beep... monitor has no display. I have tried doing the following : I removed cmos battery and re-inserted it but still...
  10. jackal_79

    Old Hindi songs!

    Hi, i don't know were else to post this. I am searching for old Hindi, English, Malayalam, Tamil mp3 songs(preferably in 320 kbps). Flyte was my major source. but now it is shutdown. Any help in this search would be deeply appreciated.
  11. deadcode00

    Pc Shutdown issue

    ok i have recently upgraded my pc from core 2 duo to amd fx 8350... and my current config is, Amd fx 8350,asus m5a97 evo r2.0(motherboard),corsair vengeance 4x2,corsair gs600(psu),hd6850(graphic card),apc600 va(ups),corsair cabinet 400r. my pc is running good, but sometimes when i shutdown my...
  12. rhitwick

    Need UPS having auto shutdown facility

    Guys please suggest an UPS with auto shutdown facility. Long back I had APC Back UPS which had this feature to connect with PC via usb cable but latest BackUPS models have no such measures. Please let me know if you know any particular model either from APC or from any other brand.
  13. D

    Strange problem after windows 8

    This is my first thread in thinkdigit forum.. I am facing a strange problem since I have installed windows 8 pro. Here is the problem.. 1. I switch on the power from the wall socket. 2. I press the power button on my cabinet. 3. LED lights up and fans start rotating then beep sound...
  14. R

    Automatically Shutdown

    My Pc Shutdown Automatically after i press any of my keybored button.I am Sure that this is not a heating problem bcause i already checked it.please give me a solution.
  15. M

    PC getting off completely and failed to switch on

    Hi guys my friend pc is similar to my previous pc spec and its getting switch off completely even after the room temperature was 30 degree as its fully airconditioned. I tried reseating the cpu as that could be the only cause of shutdown. Also it fails to power on until i unplug the power...
  16. A

    Dell N4050 doesnot shutdown completely

    When i click shutdown or hibernate it does so but doesnot power off completely i.e. fan keeps running and power led glows with no response to any keys to turn off i have to press power button for 2-3 secs. but reboot works fine When i first got hands on it it worked fine . i am using...
  17. R

    System not Starting

    Yesterday I installed windows 7 on my laptop. After installation I removed two partitions and joined them. Then I installed Linux Mint 12 thro' min4win.exe. Linux Mint worked for few minutes the nit shudown unexpecdly. After it hat I tried to open my Windows installation but it also shutdown...
  18. R

    Freeware for automatic shutdown

    I want my laptop to automatically shutdown after a specific time interval. Plz suggest some freewares for the same, and also plz mention if it was provided in past Digit DVDs
  19. B

    thermal problem Dell SXPS 1645

    i have a 3 year old dell sxps1645 i've been experiencing thermal shutdown while gaming on the system i've used cooling pads. they generally work for a month or so and then start giving the same problem so i started gaming while removing the back lid of the laptop for better air flow the...
  20. B

    Pc shutdown issue :(

    hey guys plzz help me out.....whenever i shutdown my pc instead of shutdown it restarts again...why's this happening...? i performed diskchecks..even formated my C drive..and did clean install of OS again..but still the the problem perisist's..i have to shutdown my pc directly from the...
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