1. aal-ok

    Free running game problems

    Free running game is not running properly i am running it using swift shader is there any way to run it using 3d analyze as by using 3d analyze it crashes on loading but runs fast and textures are good please help these are the textures i am getting with swift shader
  2. aal-ok

    swiftshader + 3d analyze

    is there any way i can use swift shader and 3d analyze together in a single game plz reply
  3. vickybat

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs

    Rumored specs of the highly acclaimed successor to the S3 have started hitting everywhere in the web. Sources claim it to have a beast of an SOC i.e Exynos 5450 which has a 2.0ghz quad core A15 cpu, 2gb ram and a Mali T658 gpu which has 8 shader cores and sports a unified shader architecture...
  4. kasshav

    Motherboard with Onboard graphics supporting shader 4.0

    Hello Guys.. My friend requires a motherboard with Onboard graphics having support for shader 4.0 (whatever it is). It is required for one of his softwares. Please suggest if there is any solution available because right now he does not want a dedicated graphics card. Please suggest what is...
  5. sukesh1090

    company of heroes opposing fronts game installation error

    I am having intel gma 3100 graphics card with shader model 2.0.when i tried to install company of heroes opposing front game it says my graphics card doesn't support shader model 1.1 which is its minimum requirements.please help me to solve this problem.thank you. guys by searching in the...
  6. lingo

    Super Meat Boy

    Game Info : --------------- Super Meat Boy is a tough as nails platformer where you play as an animated cube of meat who's trying to save his girlfriend (who happens to be made of bandages) from an evil fetus in a jar wearing a tux. Our meaty hero will leap from walls, over seas of buzz...
  7. deepakgates

    graphics dilemma

    Okay .. Im buying this dell 15R But Im confused weather i should go for graphics card with : DX 10.1 , Pixel Shader 4.1, Vram 1 gig or DX 11 , Pixel Shader 5, Vram 512 mb for entry level gaming!! waitin!!
  8. coderunknown

    running pixel shader 3.0 games on 2.1

    hi, is there any software or emulators that can make a game requiring Pixel Shader 3.0 on a pc equipped with 2.1 only? wanted to play Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box, however to my bad luck it requires Pixel Shader 3.0. my pc's config mainly is: P4 3Ghz Asus P5RD1-VM (Radeon Xpress 200, with...
  9. pr.itdude

    Some suggestion..........

    Hi guyz.... im not a hard core gamer but likes to play as now i hv nothing to do in vacations.......... Kindly plz tell me some gud racing games....(bored with NFS) for my config. ....... Here it is: Intel P4 3.0 1 GB RAM, 256MB on board graphics with intel PI945GZD (with pixel...
  10. clmlbx

    Buy Graphic card

    Hi guys I want to buy graphic card .. My motherboard is D946gzis and it has 256 mb video memory,diretx 9.c support,pixel shader 2.0 .. So I want better then this. while playing games I have problems so I want graphic card which have HW Transform & Lighting,vertex shader .. and I am going to...
  11. comp@ddict

    nVidia's GT 300 will have 512 SHADERS and DX11

    GT300 to Pack 512 Shader Processors A real monster seems to be taking shape at NVIDIA. The company's next big graphics processor looks like a leap ahead of anything current-generation, the way G80 was when it released. It is already learned that the GPU will use a new MIMD (multiple...
  12. S

    Xfx 8600gt 256mb Ddr3 Pci-express For Sale

    XFX Geforce 8600GT 256MB DDR3 PCI-Express (SLI Technology) Price == 2800/- (Free shipping):-D Specifications GPU/VPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT RAMDAC: Dual 400 MHz Fill Rate per Second: 8.64 Billion pixels Additional Features: RoHS...
  13. A

    Cheapest Board for overclocking

    My specs CPU : Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2140 Rs.2,650 Motherboard : Asus P5N73-AM Rs.2,600 GPU : ECS GeForce 8600 GT Rs.3,600 GPU Clocks(Orignal)...

    Microsoft Releases Direct3D 11 Technical Preview for Developers

    Microsoft Corp. has issued DirectX software development kit (SDK) that contains basic technical preview of Direct3D 11. Even though the preview does not expose all the features of DirectX 11, it gives a signal to software developers that Direct3D 11 is around the corner and that they can take...
  15. NoasArcAngel

    HELP IN ocing 8600gt

    :confused:hey guys i have a nvidia xfx 8600 gt card with 512 mb gddr2 ram i tried overclocking the card with ati tool but i am not able to go increase my memory clocks higher than 465 mhx effective 962.800 core clocks are 680 mhz and shader clocks 1504mhz.. plz help me i have an intel...
  16. M

    help me >>>>>>>>>>

    hello ,, i am using p4 processor and 865gbf motherboard and 80 gb hard disk and geforce fx5200 128 graphic card(agp),1 gb ram. my card doesnot support new games like pro street, crysis, spiderman 3, grid ,hulk2 and almost all new games. my card has pixel shader 1.1 version and what i need is...
  17. layzee

    ATI HD4850 Vs. NVidia GTX280

    Well there's a bit of a GRAPHICS RACE going on between NVidia and ATI (now AMD) for quite sometime now. Whenever there was a new launch NVidia did manage to outdo ATI. After a long time ATI have come up with a new and improved warrior code-named the RV770 XT, the GPU that powers the HD4870 based...
  18. amrawtanshx

    Selling my 1.5 year mobo MSI rc410m

    I am Abhishek ....I got my comp from HP I am interested in selling my mobo MSI rc410m REASON --- Cuz I got ASUS Striker extreme Specification 9.60 in.(L) x 9.06 in.(W); Micro- ATX • 2 DIMMs w/ DDRII 667 up to 2GB • 1 PCI-E...
  19. V

    FS: SAPPHIRE Radeon X1800XT 512MB GDDR3 VIVO PCI Express x16 Graphics Card

    SAPPHIRE Radeon X1800XT 512MB GDDR3 VIVO PCI Express x16 Graphics Card Specifications: Card Type = PCI Express x16 Core Clock = 625MHz Memory Clock = 1500MHz Memory Bandwidth = 48 GB/sec Shader Operations = 10000 Operations/sec Pixel Fill Rate = 10000 MPixels/sec Texture Fill Rate =...
  20. M

    Microsoft DirectX 10.1 Version – Final Update for DirectX 10

    Microsoft DirectX version 10.1 is projected to be the last and final update to the DirectX 10 application programming interface (API), the head of developer relations of ATI, graphics product group of Advanced Micro Devices, recently said. While Microsoft DirectX 9 had several...
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