1. J

    GPU fan controls.

    Okay so I recently got an HD 7850 and it idles at 39-40. And with playing watchdogs/crysis 3 for 3 hours+ it reaches a max temperature of 74, but it mostly stays around 68-71 according to GPU-Z log. Now I tweaked the fan settings using MSI afterburner to this. And now temperature does...
  2. ramakanta

    uTorrent - Additional settings

    when I want to install uTorrent in my system , there are some Additional settings message displayed . what does it means Add an exception for uTorrent in Windows Firewall. if checked or unchecked what will happened ???. need suggestion ???
  3. I

    Asus R9 270X DC2T 2GD5 graphics card review

    1. Introduction: Hi everyone! This is a review of the Asus R9 270X DC2T 2GD5 graphics card. AMD has recently launched their Radeon R7 and R9 series of graphics cards. The R7 series is targeted for entry level to mainstream gamers whereas the R9 series focuses on the high end gamers. Here is a...
  4. A

    slow bsnl bbnd plan 900 home unlimited

    fed up with this used to work fast till some card got burnt in the exchange,spoke to the regional manager at almora who controls my area also ie pithoragarh - a team came and fingered my connection,lines etc and finally the speed has slowed down-moreover the wi fi doesnt worknow-it...
  5. d3p

    [Guide] How to make CS:GO run at effective 120/144Hz & Other FAQ's ?? [56k warning]

    Well, its close to 10-11 months since i started playing CS GO & now i find it much addictive than any other games around. This Guide will help users to achieve a much smoother gameplay with any Quad Core, decent graphics card & lastly with 120Hz or 144Hz panels. Also might be helpful, if you...
  6. A

    Resetting laptop to factory settings

    Hey guys i bought a dell laptop with win 8 pre installed. Now I want to reset it to the factory settings from the inbuilt recovery partition. But I read somewhere that resetting deletes all the user created partitions as well. Please tell me if it is right or not. Thanks in advance.
  7. I

    Suggest a GPU to run latest games at ultra settings on 1080p

    I want to buy a gfx card that can run all the latest games like BF4, Crysis 3, Metro:LN, Farcry 3 etc. with their all eye candy on, like AA, AF, Textures, Tessellation, physx, etc., at ultra settings on 1080p resolution. I want respectable frame rate of 50-60fps while playing these games at...
  8. D

    Mulitplayer gaming Query ???

    Guys I need to know whether I can play with my friend who has internet connection to play any game Eg. fifa 11 with me by using the lan settings of the game..(In the same way like connecting a lan cable between two PC's)
  9. S

    Overclocking Memory (DDR3)

    I tried overclocking my Corsair Vengeance 8GB @ 1600Mhz to atleast 2000mhz+ but failed. Raising the dram voltage doesn't help. Kinda new to memory OC, especially doing this on my motherboard P8Z77-V LX. Default settings @ 800 MHz 10-10-10-27 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 39-208-5-12-6-6-24...
  10. 7shivam9

    [For Sale] Galaxy GT610 2GB DDR3

    1. Model number and details: GT 610All Specs and Details here . 2. Date of purchase: 05-09-2013 3. Reason for sale: Investing Money for buying Other Gfx card. 4. Warranty details: 3years Warranty | Read all warranty details here| 5. Expected Price: 2500-600 6. Location of Seller...
  11. cute.bandar

    Making android simpler ? for parents..

    Hi guys I bought this for my parents: Asus MeMO Pad ME172V Tablet Price in India - Buy Asus MeMO Pad ME172V Tablet White 8 GB Online - Asus: Its alright, but How can I customize android so that its simpler to use ? If this is possible at all. By simpler I mean , instead of...
  12. B

    Using TOR as a client puts you at risk.

    I don't really need anonymity, there's nothing I do that can get me caught. But I read something about TOR exit relays, that if my computer is one such exit relay, I could be implicated for someone else who's doing something illegal, and using my computer as a transit. I looked up the...
  13. T

    New Graphics Card for 6k-9k

    My Rig: Intel i5-2400 4GB RAM 500GB HDD VIP 300W PSU I need a graphics card. I will be gaming at 1366x768 , with max settings. I want to be able to play ALL games with Ultra Settings. I just checked.. The 7770 cannot run even at 1280x720 with max settings in BF3 and Metro 2033, so I...
  14. suarezian

    Need a gaming laptop around 50k

    Hi guys, i need a gaming laptop around 50k. max budget is 55k. i would like to play games like gta4, mw2, bf3, etc on med settings and train simulator 2013 in med to high settings. I'll be buying it from a local store in Mumbai. min screen size should be 15 inch and the resolution doesn't...
  15. kg11sgbg

    Everything O.K. except sound in openSUSE-12.3

    Hi guys,after a tedious tinkering with the UEFI BIOS of my new GIGABYTE GA-970A-DS3 (socketAM3+/socket AM3) motherboard I could install openSUSE-12.3(64-bit) successfully :-D besides Windows 7 PRO.(64-bit). I also Thank many of our TDF Friends,who have given their valuable support + advice on...
  16. A

    Unlock Cpu amd phenom ii x2 560

    hello! I have a 560 CPU And a motherboard MSI 970A-G43 My options:Ucc Settings on the motherboard, but I did not unlock CPU:cry::cry: Please guide
  17. M

    automatic change of sim settings

    dear friends,' I am experiencing a strange problem with my Nokia 501 dual sim mobile. I am using only single bsnl sim card in the mobile. many time I had noticed mobile connectivity or gprs problem. the problems were solved by 1)checking the sim settings in the a...
  18. S

    Sony W800a 3D settings help required !!!

    Hey Guys, Proud owner of a 47"W800a. Pretty pleased with it. Have done my custom picture settings on it :) I just have one doubt and need some clarification. When i activate 3D on my TV, the picture settings that i made while watching 2D contents changes automatically. Is this...
  19. sahil1033

    Serious troubles with my system

    Hey, I got a laptop (Lenovo E49) from my college and they've customised it from their side with many restrictions. Okay so I've been facing many problems since the beginning but what has frightened me most is that my bluetooth is OFF and I can't even turn it ON. Second which happened yesterday...
  20. sumonpathak

    Swiftech H320 Cooler unboxing and preview

    So..its been a while we saw Swiftech launched its 360 rad AIO cooling solution..but due to some patent trolling it got pulled off in US markets.(pretty sad IMO). but it got launched in India a week back...and thanks to MR Sanjib Ray i got my hands on the first piece in India. So until i get my...
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