1. E

    Gaming-Laptop,Desktop or Console????

    Hii, I want to create a gaming setup for myself but have some questions in my mind,so would like to discuss it with you guys. BACKGROUND I currently own a laptop which is a Dell Inspiron 1525(in mint condition with all hardware functioning properly except the DVD drive and too much...
  2. V

    Fifa 13 lagging inspite of minimum settings.

    model- lenovo L420 config- intel 2nd gen core i3 4gb ram intel hd graphics 3000 14" display i have set to the minimum settings but the game still lags..... also i downloaded the latest graphics driver...still the same problem persists. it didn't happen 7-8 months ago plz give me a...
  3. G

    Do this graphic card can run the crysis 3 and GTA 4?

    PowerColor AMD/ATI Radeon HD5670 1 GB DDR3 Graphics Card Do this graphic card can run the crysis 3 and GTA 4 ? because my friend suggest this one for me and i have doubt so advice me details my budget rs 4000 mode of purchase is online ex. flipkart my pc configuration AMD fx...
  4. mohit9206

    Will games Crysis 3 and Metro Last Light work well on my PC ?

    My PC Specs are: Intel Pentium G630 8gb ddr3 ram radeon hd7750 1gb gddr5 My monitor resolution is 1440*900 so will these games work on high quality settings on my PC or will the CPU/GPU bottleneck the games ? I have heard that dual core CPU's no longer are ideal for modern games ? What...
  5. K

    Automatic shut down.

    Hi, It relates to LAPTOP AND its Windows7 Home Basic. I want to do the settings for automatic SHUT DOWN, when I close the lid of my LAPTOP. How to do that?
  6. K

    Problem with my Gigabyte HD 7850 OC edition?

    I recently bought my new system. Specs: Corsair Vengeance 4gb x 2 Core i5 2500@ 3.3GHz Intel H77 Dell s2240l Gigabyte HD 7850 2GB OC edition Now, in some games like Farcry 3, Kingdoms of Amalur, Batman Arkham City, etc. the textures load right before my eyes, in the range of vision...
  7. T

    mid to high range gaming laptom around 40k

    I am a casual gamer I want a laptop around 40k which can play all current games and games should run at high and low settings is hp pavillion g6 2313 ok or is there something better
  8. mrinmoy

    Windows 8 pro, update settings is grayed out.

    Hi, I use windows 8 pro in my laptop with a microsoft live account. The os is activated. Today in the notification centre I got a message about "view windows update settings". When I clicked on the message I saw that "change settings" option...
  9. G

    critical cpu temeprature while playing games ..

    my pc configuration is - Motherboard - intel dh67bl Processor - intel core i5 2500k 3.3 ghz corsair cx 500 v2 psu corsair vengeance 4gb x 2 sticks of ram corsair gt120 gb ssd seagate barcuda hdd 512 gb 7200 rpm NZXT phantom atx cabinet zotac geforce gtx 660ti when i play battlefield...
  10. S_V

    LG 55 LM6700 3D HDTV Quick Review

    Hello Guys, How are you Guys ? I am from Hyderabad and Last month FEB 14th I bought this Mammoth(to me) which is LG 55 LM6700... First of all... Ignore with spelling and other mistakes in this review.. I really don't have much time to check everything but still I want to share with you...
  11. N

    Nvdia gt630 problem!

    Guys two weeks back i purchased new gpu for my rig which is :- nvdia gt630 1gb ddr3 (importer name forsa) it worked like a charm. my rig specifications:- Mobo:- intel mercury 945 Cpu :- e4600 2.40 2gb ddr2 ram Intex 450 watt psu Now when iwas playing darksiders and crisis 1 on low settings on my...
  12. A

    Reliance broadband wifi setup

    I am planning to get reliance broadband(wireline). My friends have said that it is difficult to set up wifi with it and the modem settings have to be changed regulaly I currently have a bsnl adsl wifi modem and would like to use it. Is it possible to set up setup wifi with my bsnl...
  13. V

    Serious problem with IPCop firewall

    Hello guys! I am new on the forum, so i hope this was right section to post. I have asked this question in the IPCop forums almost 15 days back and not yet received any response. In my office, i have an IPCop v2.0 firewall installed on a dedicated machine, with Copfilter. Suddenly, I...
  14. P

    UPS for my PC

    Hello Digit Folks.Im a newbie so please help- me with this- My system Specs are- Amd phenom ii x4@3.2ghz,Asus m4a88m-le mobo,corsair vengeance 2x4gig,1x 1TB Segate HDD,1X160GB HITACHI HDD,MSI GTX 550ti 1GB GDDR5,I-BALL SPRINTER 450watts PSU,an HP dvd rom.. I am having a smartpower UPS...
  15. R

    Is this temp correct after OCing?

    I am having AMD X4 635 processor and Gig 785 mobo. I have OC it to 3.4 ghz by changing the settings in Mobo. Pls tell if these temp. are OK.
  16. K

    How to change settings?

    Hi Guys, All of the following relate to Windows XP Professional. *How to disable Automatic updating in Windows Word 2007? *Though I change the time in Date and Time properties in Task Bar, the time changes wrongly and automatically. How to change the settings for correct time? *I have...
  17. RBX

    NVIDIA GeForce Experience

    NVIDIA GeForce Experience (beta) optimizes some games according to what seems best according to your hardware. I've been using it for two days and have tried it on Arkham City and Skyrim, seems pretty good, although Skyrim could do with higher settings. Give it a try - Tweak your Game Settings...
  18. A

    Help needed in calibrating my new 32" LG LS4600

    Hi all.. this is my first led tv. i used the picture wizard for calibrating but i still am not satisfied with the pic quality.. can some 1 share me your settings.. Thanks!
  19. D

    Facebook Location Tracking please help

    hello i have a problem in accessing facebook with proxy, everytime i login to facebook its saying unathorized device/unrecognized locaiton. please help me how to get rid of this problem/stop this problem. i have checked the settings in privacy settings of my facebook account. im a...
  20. ShankJ

    Gt 630m

    I have a hp pavilion dv4-5009tx i5-2450 laptop with 6 GB ram and 2 GB Gt 630M graphic card.. Recently played GTA IV and realized that the game was giving low fps) even on medium graphic settings.. The fps fluctuate b/w 17-20 and sometimes go to 12-13 as well.. Completely ruins the gaming...
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