GPU fan controls.


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Okay so I recently got an HD 7850 and it idles at 39-40. And with playing watchdogs/crysis 3 for 3 hours+ it reaches a max temperature of 74, but it mostly stays around 68-71 according to GPU-Z log.

Now I tweaked the fan settings using MSI afterburner to this.

And now temperature does not cross 65 degrees even after playing 3-4 hours of watchdogs/crysis 3(and the weather is naturally very hot since its summer).

My questions are:-

1.) Are my fan settings okay or is it too aggressive? I don't want to damage the fan by overworking it.

2.) These fan settings do not stay active if I quit MSI afterburner. Is there anyway to set fan controls for gpu without using MSI afterburner??
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