1. patkim

    Looking for Software to tweak certain settings in Windows 8/10

    I am looking for a software that can tweak certain settings from security perspective on Windows 8 or 10. Long back on Windows XP I found a software called Customizer XP that could tweak certain settings but I am not sure if it would work well on Windows 8 & 10 as there’s a huge difference...
  2. A

    Locking ip with Huawei hg630a

    Hello people We just got a konica minolta printer at work. The installation guy gave a static ip to the printer from the printer but he says we'll need to block the ip in the router settings. How can I block the ip in win 10?
  3. kool

    How to transfer files, apps & settings from one laptop to another in Windows 10 ?

    Hi guys, I am already using this laptop from 6 month (or say netbook) "iBall compbook" and again I bought same model for my sister. From 6 month i have tweaked settings and removed some in built apps, features like cortana. Now its really irritating process to tweak settings, removing apps...
  4. S

    Google Custom Search Malware?

    Hi all, Offlate I have observed that whenever I am searching anything in my Firefox search window, the search redirects to Google Custom Search ( Some sites on the internet say that it is a malware. When I am changing my settings from "use system proxy settings" to "no proxy" I...
  5. D

    Cheapest laptop for games like Dota 2 and WoW

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) Flexible but should be below 40k. Cheaper the better 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? 15.6" 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? Office, watching movies and gaming 5) Any...
  6. Zangetsu

    Best EQ Settings you use

    Hi All, We have many Audiophiles here, so thought of discussing about achieving the perfect sound in Music. Which EQ settings you guys use ? or custom made ? I read many sites but haven't got a perfect one yet.
  7. Vyom

    My TP-LINK TL-WR840N router gone full retard - Does hard reset about every half hour

    My router TP-LINK TL-WR840N (V2) have gone nuts. From today, it have started to drop connection. Upon investigation, I found that the all the setting of router settings got reset. The wifi name became, "OpenWRT" (since I have installed OpenWRT since long). Password gets removed, ISP setting...
  8. B

    Windows 10 violating privacy

    Hi Guys, I was reading on the internet that Windows 10 violates our privacy by this- Data syncing is by default enabled. Browsing history and open websites. Apps settings. WiFi hotspot names and passwords. Your device is by default tagged with a...
  9. shreeux

    Calibration settings for HP - Pavilion 23" IPS LED HD Monitor?

    Recently bought HP Pavilion 23cw 23-inch IPS LED Backlit Monitor | HP Online Store – India. To avoid eye strain..How to set exact calibration settings?
  10. P

    Need to Assemble i3 pc under 20000

    Hello I am a student I want to assemble a pc below under 20k ( without monitor ,keyboard ,mouse ,speaker) I don't want amd I want i3 I want 4 gb ram my main requirement is 3d desighning and 2d desighning on atocad and sketchup ,some light gaming like fifa 14 on low settings and some...
  11. B

    UPS "voltage & sensitivity settings"

    UPS "voltage & sensitivity settings" here are the couple of emails i got from apc when i contacted them about restart issues i get power switches from mains to inverter. need to discuss here before i'm trying this. would this solve ups/apfc psu issue? - - - Updated - - -...
  12. bssunilreddy

    How to Clone an SSD?

    How to Clone an SSD? Please guide me in this regard. Are there any software's that I can use for free or should I have to pay for them? Can I get the exact the same Windows settings as in the old SSD? Can I transfer the Windows license as well while cloning the SSD I mean the settings right...
  13. ax3

    yahoo mail ! ! !

    hi, am trying to login to my yahoo account & it keeps me asking abt verification code ... so cant login ... i didnt mention alternate email in settings ... has any1 experienced this ??? bt can access mails through thunderbird ... how can i access it in browser ??? Thanx - - - Updated - - -...
  14. C

    Laptop for 35-38k

    Laptop for 35-38k (Edit: extended to 45k) 1) What is your budget? A: 35k, extendable by 3k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? A: Any of the below will do. Thin and Light; 12" - 14" screen Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) What are the primary tasks you will...
  15. rohitshakti2

    Can't save google maps in android phone

    Hi I am trying to save maps on Moto E but am not able to find the settings to save the map for offline use. Please help. I have the latest maps apk installed. Regards
  16. Saptarshi5683

    Confuguration Help for router

    Hello Guys, Few days back I bought a D-Link DIR-600L Wireless N150 Cloud Router to use WiFi using my local Meghbela Cable broadband, I also successfully configured it and am using WiFi, but every now and then I have to login via the 24Online Client which gets logged out frequently and is very...
  17. kartikoli

    Entry level gaming laptop with decent battery life in 30k range

    Hi I am looking for entry level gaming laptop as my Sony SVE1513BYN (Link)with HD 7650M is having some trouble and I am in need to replace it ASAP. The laptop is used mainly for office purpose with google spreadhseet been used most of the time along with youtube but I would be using it for...
  18. GhorMaanas

    'Go Ghost' settings on facebook

    Hello! since August, i have stopped logging in to facebook to check updates & posts. however, i now wish to check updates on a few groups that am a member of, as well as join a few more. but i don't want to leave any footprint for my friends or/and acquaintances to notice, as i want to avoid...
  19. N

    Huawei Aircel 3G Dongle autodisconnecting

    Hello Digitians, I own a Aircel 3g dongle (Huawei software that manages the connections done thru it ) , the dongle is working fine , but the problem is that after a certain period of time sa 5 minutes or 10 minutes , the connection drops and i have again to open the soft and reconnect it...
  20. ithehappy

    I messed up Chrome's settings! Please help

    Well I don't what I did, and where I did, on my phone or desktop, but while searching for something the sponsored ads / links are not appearing on Chrome any more for me, when I have logged into Chrome. As long as I am not logged in, they are there, but as soon as I log in the sponsored results...
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