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  • I used to blog about football. Now I don't because I don't find time to post regularly. I'm a bit lazy too. Will visit your blog.
    Dude, I think I know you.....

    Do you live in Sector-15 II ???? Tanmay?? right??
    Hi, Plsssssssssssssss HELP. I have a laptop, without internet connection. Ivisit net parlours once in a while to get some photos and themes for mobile. Last time when I plugged in my pen drive in a net cafe this happened......Whenever I created a folder automatically a nother folder with the same name used to be created inside that folder with the subtitle of microsoft windows corporation. And the same thing happened on my laptop when I plugged it in. Yesterday the following thingshappened.
    1). I cannot access my c : drive. Whenever i try an hourglass appears and nothing happens.
    2). When i try CTRL+ALT+DEL it says 'taskmanager has been disabled by the administraor.
    3). Since night my comp doesnt start at all. It shows up till welcome screen and hangs.
    I dont know much about it pls help me out.
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