1. D

    IE8,FIREFOX & SAFARI closes suddenly when clicked.

    Hai, Whenever i try to open any browser(be it ie8,firefox & safari), it opens and then closes suddenly. Earlier, i had internet explorer 6 and encountered the same problem. Suspecting an earlier incomplete installation of ie8, i installed ie8 but encountered the same...
  2. bhushan2k

    whoz better?? safari or chrome for mac osx??

    We know that Google chrome is fastest ever browser on Windows platform but when we are dealing with Mac OS X Safari is 12% faster than Chrome beta. Read this article: and give your opinions.. also gv retwit if u like..:smile:
  3. desiibond

    Browser Speed Tests: Latest Firefox Is Faster, but Not as Fast as Google Chrome This is interesting. As per pcworld tests, here is the ranking as per average time taken to load certain pages: 1) Chrome - 1.70 seconds 2) FF - 1.76 3) IE 8 - 1.83 4)...
  4. soumya

    Safari 4 slows down, now behind Chrome

    Perhaps the absence of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, or any hint of his existence, will go down as the biggest disappointment of this year's WWDC conference in San Francisco. But it may be on the top of a list of more than one item, and down that list not too far behind Jobs' no-show, there is this...
  5. eggman

    MacBook falls first for second year in a row

  6. amitabhishek

    Anyone tried Safari 4 Beta:Looks like a copycat

    I just downloaded Safari 4 Beta and my jaws dropped when I saw how much Apple guys are impressed with Google Chrome. I mean they are so similar that you wouldn't know who is using whose skin:D! Looks like Apple is finally taking leaves out of someone else's book.
  7. Sathish

    Apple released Safari 4 with windows integration

    Apple finally announced its Safari browser ver 4. with Windows integration and adding some developer tools. Safari 4 new features Good to try..
  8. D

    please help me optimize safari

    in my pc(win xp sp3)i have both safari & firefox installed...the font in which web pages are displayed in safari is a bit blurry & bold whereas in firefox it is fine..please check the images below-- firefox- safari-...
  9. M

    how can I integrate DAP with firefox and safari web browsers?

    hello guys I have come through with one problem. i.e. I have doenloaded DAP 9 but it is not working with firefox and safari web browsers. So, how can I use the DAP with these browsers? I'm waiting your fast reply. Thank you in advance.
  10. ring_wraith

    Weird problem with Safari

    Hey. I am currently using Safari as my primary browser, and of late it has developed a strange issue. Whenever I run Safari, it loads up my home page [currently set to Google India], but takes more than 15 seconds to get a response, but about a second to load the page itself. Once this first...
  11. K

    Browser and PDF...

    Hey, i recently uninstalled 2 adobe programs Adobe AIR and Adobe reader 5 in whose place i installed adobe 9. now i get this error The problem persists with IE, Firefox and safari. no idea what to do.. please help? anyone out there?
  12. C

    I am unable to open Gmail

    I am unable to open Gmail in Safari and Opera 9.52 Please help
  13. Pearl Groupz

    Bad Firefox - 3.0 - 3.1

    Very Sad, I have 512 +128 Mb of Ram DDr2 I have seen in Mine PC , while Surfing on net through Firefox - The pC ugage reach to 400 +mb ram..while opera takes only 200 mb ram...I am going to Uninstall firefox now...May be I will download version 2.1 of firefox.. I am also downloading Apple...
  14. ax3

    Microsoft Warns Against Using Safari

    Microsoft on Friday warned of a serious risk to people who use Safari on Windows XP or Vista, going so far as to suggest people "restrict use of Safari as a web browser until an appropriate update is available from Microsoft and/or Apple." Good news is that according to Redmond there aren't...
  15. G

    Ah, the Irony! Microsoft says Safari isn't Safe on Windows

    Apple's been making hay in its Mac vs. PC ads about Windows' security & malware problems. But now that Apple's playing in Microsoft's sandbox with a Windows version of the Safari Web browser, the worm has turned. According to Microsoft, the Windows version of Safari has a bug that's been dubbed...
  16. iinfi

    Browser battle: IE 8 vs Opera 9.5 vs Safari vs Firefox 3

    hope this has not been posted earlier.... CONTINUED
  17. ax3

    how did Safari get this ???

    2day i installed Safari 3.1 ..... its damn good .... a lot faster & cool 2 ..... i use FF & didnt import all my bookmarks bt STILL how did IT get all my visited sites list which were cleared by FF ? the list is "OOH MY GOD", all of them .... which file stores all this info ?
  18. narangz

    Website Redesign. Feedback, Suggestions, Problems

    Hello friends, I've got a new website Some of you might have visited it before. I've now redesigned it. The forum still needs to be redesigned. I'll do it soon. I am not good at photoshop so the logo still needs to be designed. If anyone can help, please contact me...
  19. abhi.eternal

    I cannot login to GMail/Yahoo

    what happened? are they down? i can use the login page but thats it. after signing in, the page load then never ends. tried FF, IE Safari. pls help. EDIT: checked with safari again and is working but without GChat :( still not working in FF and IE EDIT 2: FF and IE working too. Mods b4 u...
  20. A

    Help me configure proxy settings in Safari

    I use Safari 3.0.2(the one which was provided with Digit August 07 DVD). I connect to internet through a proxy. I cant connect to internet directly, i have to use the proxy server(my connection provider does not allow connecting to internet directly) I went to the Preferences menu in...
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